Guava® ViaCount™ Reagent (40 mL)

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The Guava® ViaCount™ Reagent – 40 mL (Part Number: 4000-0040) allows for the quantitative analysis of cell count and viability. The reagent provides precise, accurate assessments on a wide variety of cell lines, even those with unusual culture conditions or a tendency to aggregate.

The ViaCount Reagent distinguishes viable and non-viable cells based on differential permeabilities of two DNA-binding dyes in the Guava ViaCount Reagent. The nuclear dye stains only nucleated cells, while the viability dye brightly stains dying cells. This proprietary combination of dyes enables the Guava ViaCount Assay to distinguish viable, apoptotic, and dead cells. Debris is excluded from results based on negative staining with the nuclear dye.

Using as little as 20 µL of sample, the ViaCount Reagent provides the following:

  • Total absolute cell counts
  • Viability counts and percentages
  • Apoptotic percentages and counts

The assay has proven to be more accurate than hemocytometer counting and impedence-based counting over a wide range of cell concentrations without the use of expensive reference beads. By providing data on viable, dead, and apoptotic cell populations in a single measurement, the ViaCount Reagent enables a more precise evaluation of culture conditions and cell viability to better optimize culture conditions.

Precise, accurate cell counts provide consistent results for experiments that depend upon accurate determination of viable cells for success such as ELISpot, cell-based fluorescence assays, and cytokine production assays.

Instrument Compatibility:

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Guava ViaCount Reagent (40mL) Kit – Quick Reference Card

Guava ViaCount Reagent (40mL) Kit – User Guide

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Guava® ViaCount™ Reagent – 40 mL

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