The Faces of Luminex: Samantha Mitchell, Human Resources

At Luminex, our team members are like family. We count on people like Samantha Mitchell, Wellness and Benefits Specialist, to ensure our employees are well taken care of. Samantha earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration at LeTourneau University and has been with Luminex for 15 years.

The Faces of Luminex: Samantha Mitchell, Human Resources

Q: What are your responsibilities at Luminex?

A: I work to ensure our benefit plans and procedures—from medical to dental and retirement—are up-to-date and enhance each employee’s experience, including their wellness. We always try to put our employees first by considering what each policy will mean for them. I think a lot of people don’t pay attention to their benefits until they need them, so I enjoy making sure employees are taken care of.

Q: What drew you to Luminex?

I originally started as a receptionist after a college classmate who worked at Luminex mentioned the job opening to me. I quickly became eager to learn more about biotechnology and realized that by working here, I was able to be a part of something greater—helping save lives. I’ve been fortunate to be a part of our company’s mission for 15 years now.

Q: What were you doing before you joined the Human Resources team?

A: About three months after I started working here, the Vice President of Research and Development approached me and asked if I’d be willing to be his Executive Assistant. Later, I transitioned into the same role working with our former CEO. After that, I joined the Marketing Communications Team, where I managed trade shows and events for about five years. Then, I was presented with the opportunity to join the HR team, and I decided to take on a new adventure. Working here feels like home.

Q: If you could solve any clinical or genetic challenge, what would it be?

A: I’m naturally an empathetic person, so I absorb other people’s emotions and carry that energy with me. That’s why I find mental health so important, especially this year, with so much anxiety and depression in the world. Psychological health can be such a big struggle, and a lot of people feel afraid or embarrassed to talk about it. I would love to find a way to make things better for people affected by mental health challenges, and let them know they’re not alone.

Q: If you weren’t a Wellness and Benefits Specialist at Luminex, where would you be?

A: Right before I joined Luminex, I was thinking about going to school for interior design. My passion is interior design and decorating—I find beauty in simple things. I imagine myself owning a bed and breakfast somewhere on a beachfront with an eclectic design in each room, meeting new people and making them feel welcome during their stay.

Q: What is something about you that no one at Luminex knows?

A: I was born preterm at just three pounds. I think I was in the hospital for about two months as an infant. Preemies have a special place in my heart.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in Austin on the weekend?

A: We have two daughters—a seven-month-old and a four-year-old—so spending time with my family is my favorite thing. We love being outside, fishing, and taking walks. My four-year-old hooks her own worm and throws her own reel! We are also avid Dallas Cowboy fans and enjoy the comradery of watching the games with friends and family.

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