METHODS Special Issue: Clinical and Analytical Performance Data for NxTAG RPP

Highly scalable, multiplex molecular assay is comparable to xTAG RVP performance If you’ve ever used an assay based on xTAG® Technology, you may wonder how the newer NxTAG® Chemistry stacks up. A new publication in Methods uses clinical and analytical data from respiratory pathogen panels to demonstrate how both performance and workflow have improved with [Read More…]

Multiplex Bead Mixes Made Easy with an Excel-Based Bead Calculator

Whether you’re developing a multiplex assay for 500 different markers in one reaction or developing lower-plex assays, knowing how to make a multiplex bead mix from different types of bead stocks is critical for proper assay performance. Unconjugated beads can be purchased as individual stocks at different concentrations of 12.5 or 2.5 million beads per [Read More…]

Training Tomorrow’s Custom Assay Development Experts: A Summer Internship Program Hosted by the LuminexPLORE Lab

UT Austin students share their experience working in our xMAP® Custom Assay Development lab this past summer Internships in our industry aren’t particularly common, and they’re even harder to find in places like Austin, which isn’t really considered a biotech hub. However, it’s important to offer these types of programs so that students interested in [Read More…]

Bead-Based Multiplex Assay Shines in Performance Analysis

xMAP® Technology offers significant advantages in recent comparison to electrochemiluminescence platform. It’s clear why multiplex immunoassays play a prominent role in many modern laboratories. In addition to saving time, labor, and resources, multiplexing provides simultaneous quantification of multiple targets within small sample volumes. Different multiplex platforms have individual strengths, and in a recent study, scientists [Read More…]

Lessons from the Frontlines: How a Louisville Lab Used the ARIES® System to Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The sample-to-answer platform delivered timely and accurate test results during a critical time As COVID-19 began to spread in early 2020, scientists and medical professionals across the world began quickly responding to community needs, shifting priorities to help understand and address the pandemic. At this year’s Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) annual meeting, we hosted [Read More…]

How xMAP® Technology Advances Veterinary and Agricultural Research

New white paper reviews a host of recent studies based on xMAP® Technology When Luminex scientists first created xMAP® Technology back in the 1990s, they couldn’t possibly have imagined the vast array of applications for which it would eventually be utilized. We are continually impressed with our users’ creativity and scientific vision as they bring [Read More…]

The Year in Review—How COVID-19 Transformed Our World

Reflecting on a challenging year in global health As 2021 inches closer, many of us have begun our annual reflection, reviewing the events of the past year to gain perspective, and shape the months ahead. Ordinarily, one might identify several themes that characterized the year—but in 2020, everything was filtered through the lens of the [Read More…]

Multiplexing Provides Richer Information for Veterinary Testing

Cornell scientists use Luminex® technology to skip long ELISAs and advance diagnostic test interpretation At Cornell University’s Animal Health Diagnostic Center (AHDC), scientists provide high-quality testing for a variety of animals while developing valuable new veterinary tests. Dr. Bettina Wagner, a veterinarian and immunology expert serving as the AHDC’s Director of Serology, has built several [Read More…]

Luminex Licensed Technologies Partner Spotlight:  EpiCypher

EpiCypher delivers high-quality reagents for epigenetics and chromatin research As one of Luminex’s Licensed Technologies Partners, EpiCypher is one of many companies that uses xMAP® Technology to deliver important solutions for improving research and molecular diagnostics. Based out of the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, EpiCypher is a biotechnology company that helps scientists push [Read More…]