The Faces of Luminex: Aaron Benfield, Molecular Applications

For labs that perform molecular diagnostic testing, implementing new products can occasionally require training or troubleshooting to ensure seamless integration with current and future workflows. Our Molecular Applications Support Teams are experts in the field, and they combine their experience as both scientists and customer advocates to ensure our customers are set up for success. [Read More…]

The Faces of Luminex: Curtis Ford, Engineering

It might not be rocket science, but former aerospace engineer Curtis Ford shares how his background across two important fields in engineering led to his career here, where he helps oversee the quality of Luminex products. Because high-quality products require premium parts, what we don’t manufacture ourselves must be sourced from trusted suppliers—that’s where Curtis [Read More…]

The Faces of Luminex: Rico Weterings, Customer Operations

Luminex has grown immensely through the years, and with a vast portfolio of products and a global workforce, there is a lot of pressure on our Customer Service Team to oversee the accuracy of order processing and fulfillment. Rico Weterings, International Order Management Associate, EMEA, helps manage this process from our office in the Netherlands. [Read More…]

The Faces of Luminex: Emily Gipson, Sales

No Sales team would be successful without the support of those working behind the scenes to ensure every order is processed quickly and correctly. Team members like Emily Gipson, Senior Manager of Global Licensed Technology Group (LTG) Sales and Order Support, champion the pre-sales process by overseeing order accuracy and ensuring compliance with Regulatory guidance. [Read More…]

The Faces of Luminex: Carla Schneider, Area Business Director

The Luminex Sales Team is dedicated to supporting our customers—and that’s why we rely on people like Carla Schneider, Area Business Director for the Southeast, to provide important team guidance in managing this critical business function. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Carla joined Luminex in 2015. She holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from Auburn [Read More…]

The Faces of Luminex: Samantha Mitchell, Human Resources

At Luminex, our team members are like family. We count on people like Samantha Mitchell, Wellness and Benefits Specialist, to ensure our employees are well taken care of. Samantha earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration at LeTourneau University and has been with Luminex for 15 years. Q: What are your responsibilities at Luminex? A: [Read More…]

The Faces of Luminex: Miranda Chavez, Manufacturing and QA Operations

As Luminex® has grown over the years, so have our manufacturing capabilities and the various operations supporting them. We are grateful for employees like Miranda Chavez, Project Manager for Global Manufacturing and Quality Assurance Operations, who keeps things running smoothly. The Austin native earned her bachelor’s in biochemistry at St. Edward’s University and has been [Read More…]

The Faces of Luminex: Gabby Mora, Technical Training

Here at Luminex, we know that even the best assays or instruments aren’t worth much if they’re impossible to use. Our developers strive to make sure our products are designed for ease of use, and we also work hard to provide plenty of training opportunities to ensure that all of our customers feel fully supported. [Read More…]

The Faces of Luminex: Ede Brooks McCullough, Marketing

At Luminex, we pride ourselves on developing high-quality molecular diagnostic tests, but this year our commitment to these tests—especially respiratory tests—has been more important than ever. We’re lucky to have Ede Brooks McCullough, Americas Marketing Manager, Respiratory, overseeing our rapidly growing assay portfolio in the Americas for everything from influenza to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. A [Read More…]

The Faces of Luminex: Eva Oleksy, Clinical Research

Luminex develops a number of instruments and molecular diagnostic tests that have to be reviewed by regulatory agencies before becoming commercially available. Each of them requires clinical trials to demonstrate accuracy and utility. For this, we count on team members like Eva Oleksy, Senior Clinical Research Associate. She joined Luminex in 2009, and holds a [Read More…]