September 2014: Recent Papers Using Luminex xMAP Technology

Luminex® xMAP® Technology has become an indispensable tool for tens of thousands of life science researchers. Here are eight new papers, featuring customer-developed assays and partner kits, that we thought would be especially interesting to you. Our bibliography helps you stay current with the success that your scientific peers are having while using xMAP Technology. We’ve included hyperlinks to the PubMed citation or journal site for your convenience. A complete list of over 21,000 publications using Luminex can be found at

Cytokine Profiling

Arranz L, Sanchez-Aguilera A, Martin-Perez D, Isern J, Langa X, Tzankov A, Lundberg P, Muntion S, Tzeng Y-S, Lai D-M, Schwaller J, Skoda R C,Mendez-Ferrer S. Neuropathy of haematopoietic stem cell niche is essential for myeloproliferative neoplasms. Nature 2014;512(7512):78 – +

Giordano M, Roncagalli R, Bourdely P, Chasson L, Buferne M, Yamasaki S, Beyaert R, van Loo G, Auphan-Anezin N, Schmitt-Verhulst A-M,Verdeil G. The tumor necrosis factor alpha-induced protein 3 (TNFAIP3, A20) imposes a brake on antitumor activity of CD8 T cells. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2014;111(30):11115 – 11120

Jacobs E S, Persad D, Ran L, Danesh A, Heitman J W, Deng X, Cameron M J, Kelvin D J,Norris P J. A CD4(+) T cell antagonist epitope down-regulates activating signaling proteins, up-regulates inhibitory signaling proteins and abrogates HIV-specific T cell function. Retrovirology 2014;11(U1 – U16)

September xMAP Technology Publications

Multiplex detection of secreted cytokines. Secreted cytokines and chemokines following co-culture of CD4+ T cells with peptide or mock pulsed B cells were detected by multiplex assay. (A) and (B) Cytokine levels were tested in CD4+ T cell supernatants at serial time points over 18 hours with data for IFN-γ and TNF-α shown for two experiments (Ant treatment was run once). (C) Total area under the curve for secretion of each cytokine over 4 hours post-stimulation was calculated as described in Materials and Methods. Mean values from two replicate experiments are shown; error bars show SEM. (D) Percent suppression of agonist-induced cytokine suppression by addition of antagonist peptide. Suppression was calculated based on the AUC of cytokines four hours after stimulation. Dashed lines indicated the 95% confidence interval of the mean of 2 experiments, error bars show SEM. Jacobs et al. Retrovirology 2014 11:57 doi:10.1186/1742-4690-11-57

Kolokoltsova O A, Yun N E,Paessler S. Reactive astrogliosis in response to hemorrhagic fever virus: Microarray profile of Junin virus-infected human astrocytes. Virology Journal 2014;11(U1 – U13

Vande Walle L, Van Opdenbosch N, Jacques P, Fossoul A, Verheugen E, Vogel P, Beyaert R, Elewaut D, Kanneganti T-D, van Loo G,Lamkanfi M. Negative regulation of the NLRP3 inflammasome by A20 protects against arthritis. Nature 2014;512(7512):69 – +

Enzyme Activity Profiling

Bachovchin D A, Koblan L W, Wu W, Liu Y, Li Y, Zhao P, Woznica I, Shu Y, Lai J H, Poplawski S E, Kiritsy C P, Healey S E, DiMare M, Sanford D G, Munford R S, Bachovchin W W,Golub T R. A high-throughput, multiplexed assay for superfamily-wide profiling of enzyme activity. Nature Chemical Biology 2014;10(8):656 – U203

Gene Expression Profiling

Duan Q N, Flynn C, Niepel M, Hafner M, Muhlich J L, Fernandez N F, Rouillard A D, Tan C M, Chen E Y, Golub T R, Sorger P K, Subramanian A,Ma’ayan A. LINCS canvas browser: Interactive web app to query, browse and interrogate LINCS L1000 gene expression signatures. Nucleic Acids Research 2014;42(W1):W449 – W460

Wawer M J, Li K, Gustafsdottir S M, Ljosa V, Bodycombe N E, Marton M A, Sokolnicki K L, Bray M-A, Kemp M M, Winchester E, Taylor B, Grant G B, Hon C S-Y, Duvall J R, Wilson J A, Bittker J A, Dancik V, Narayan R, Subramanian A, Winckler W, Golub T R, Carpenter A E, Shamji A F, Schreiber S L,Clemons P A. Toward performance-diverse small-molecule libraries for cell-based phenotypic screening using multiplexed high-dimensional profiling. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2014;111(30):10911 – 10916