MultiCode®-RTx Technology – What is it?

We get a lot of questions about what exactly our MultiCode®-RTx Technology is and how it makes our ARIES® Systems sample to answer powerhouses. In a nutshell, our MultiCode-RTx is a probe-free, real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology.

The technology is based on the unique MultiCode base pair isoC:isoG. Our synthetic pair differs from the naturally occurring base pair in its hydrogen-bonding pattern, and this inverted bonding pattern allows for site-specific incorporation of the isobases during amplification. Molecular recognition between isobases, combined with a labeled primer system, enables the detection of almost any nucleic acid target.

In the ARIES® Systems, MultiCode-RTx makes that detection process flexible and reliable. You probably already know how ARIES® Systems improve lab efficiency and workflow, but we’ve also put together a video explaining how MultiCode-RTx Technology works to create accurate results. It’s part of a series of videos that guide you through the major aspects of Luminex® technology, from instruments to software and more. Some of the other video topics include:

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