Don’t Fear Protein Assay Development—Luminex is here!

Are you hiding in the shadows of your laboratory in fear and frustration….wondering how and when you will be saved from the ever-common dilemma of… dun, dun, dun…protein assay development block?!?

Laboratory frustration

Never fear… the Luminex Training team can come to the rescue!

Luminex Training Team

When you are pondering the question – ‘how do I begin to develop my protein assay?’, remember to contact Luminex for tools and answers to help get you started.

Here’s a quick reference of key steps in the assay development process to help you formulate your approach:

Key steps in the assay development process

With essential training and hands-on practice, you can be your lab’s hero in no time! The protein assay training courses offered will arm you with necessary knowledge and weapons such as coupling instructions, recommended reagents and equipment, and guidelines for optimizing every step of the assay process.

Luminex offers four key training courses that focus on protein assay development. These include:

  • Fundamentals of Antibody Coupling
  • Capture Sandwich Immunoassay Development
  • Fundamentals of Antigen Coupling
  • Indirect Immunoassay Development

Sign up today so you can get out of that corner and into the lab with confidence!

For more information about courses and training events, visit the Luminex Training section of the website.