Designing Your Nucleic Acid Based Assay is Easy!

You do not have to struggle to teach yourself how to design your first Luminex-based nucleic acid assay. We have the classes to help you master the art of assay design. Get ready for the year ahead by joining us for fun and informative classes now!

Here is a taste of the content from the classes we offer to help you design your fully functional assay:

  • How to design and optimize the genomic target sequence for use in your assay.
  • How to design and optimize a direct hybridization assay for your point mutation(s).
  • How to optimize a multiplexed assay.
  • How to couple your newly designed capture probe to your beads.
  • Recommendations on which magnets we use for our assays.

We invite you to come and learn more, ask more, and accomplish more when you come to our training event. We are here to help! Learn more about our upcoming training event!

Luminex Learning Sessions