Webinar: Fast, Economical Malaria Testing with xMAP® Technology

Multiplex assay allows for detailed investigations of transmission and drug resistance Multiplexing technology from Luminex has been critical for the development of assays designed to study human SNPs involved in parasite transmission as well as the spread of drug resistance markers in Plasmodium falciparum. That was a key message in this presentation from Lynn Grignard, [Read More…]

METHODS Special Issue: New Multiplex Assay for Vaccine Immunogenicity Testing

Recently developed test lowers cost and reduces sample volumes needed for evaluating combination vaccines Scientists at the Serum Institute of India have developed a new multiplex immunoassay to perform the mouse immunogenicity testing recommended in many countries for quality control in the production of combination vaccines. They chose xMAP® Technology to design the serological assay, [Read More…]

METHODS Special Issue: Modifying the Luminex Workflow for Hazardous Pathogen Research

New protocol allows scientists to create assays in containment labs and perform analysis elsewhere Scientists in the UK have developed a new protocol that utilizes Luminex multiplex assays even in specialized laboratories where space for instruments is limited. A recent hazardous pathogen study has broad implications for any research team, especially those facing space limitations. [Read More…]

METHODS Special Issue: Clinical and Analytical Performance Data for NxTAG RPP

Highly scalable, multiplex molecular assay is comparable to xTAG RVP performance If you’ve ever used an assay based on xTAG® Technology, you may wonder how the newer NxTAG® Chemistry stacks up. A new publication in Methods uses clinical and analytical data from respiratory pathogen panels to demonstrate how both performance and workflow have improved with [Read More…]

Shooting for the Moon – Proteogenomics – The Next Leap in Precision Cancer Care

APOLLO links proteomic and genomic analysis to develop more effective oncology treatment plans

The Cancer Moonshot is a mission that all of us #CanServe according to Vice President Joe Biden. Announced at the State of the Union address in January 2016, the program aims to double the rate of progress toward a cure for cancer through increased collaboration and investment. Most recently the Applied Proteogenomics Organizational Learning and Outcomes (APOLLO) Network was established, and will combine point-of-care genomic and proteomic analysis in hopes of matching a patient’s tumor types to targeted therapies. A cohort of 8,000 patients undergoing treatment for lung cancer, as part of the Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of Defense (DoD) healthcare systems, will be routinely screened at oncologist appointments with the goal of identifying treatment plans that are more effective based on patient’s unique proteogenomic profile.

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Better Know Your xTAG® RVP Buffers!

A common mistake amongst xTAG® users occurs when the wrong buffer is used at the wrong step. You may ask yourself “why did Luminex make it so complicated?” as you rend your garments and gnash your teeth in frustration. But please remain calm, as the answer to your question is simple: Each buffer is specifically [Read More…]

3D Organoid Cultures Offer Clues to Heterogeneous Therapy Response in Cancer Patients

Luminex-powered DigiWest® assays show significant intratumoral differences in response A publication in PLoS Genetics sheds much-needed light on the heterogeneity of drug response within tumors. The scientists used organoid cultures with several analytical tools, including DigiWest protein expression assays, which are based on xMAP® Technology from Luminex. “Heterogeneous pathway activation and drug response modeled in [Read More…]

METHODS Journal: A New Multiplexing Protocol Performs Protein and Gene Level Measurements on a Single Luminex Platform

Researchers demonstrate a high-throughput method for measuring mRNA and proteins using the Luminex xMAP® Platform You shouldn’t have to choose between analyzing gene expression or screening for proteins. In a Methods publication, researchers demonstrate how to measure mRNA expression and analyze proteins with a single sample set using Luminex xMAP® Technology. The article comes from [Read More…]

Webinar: Multiplex Serological Assay Developed to Identify Avian Influenza Subtypes

Rapid detection could help prevent transmission and reduce flock losses In addition to being a public health threat, avian influenza is also costly and potentially devastating to people whose livelihoods depend on raising poultry. To enable faster detection of bird flu and identification of its subtypes, scientists at Wageningen Bioveterinary Research in The Netherlands developed a [Read More…]