Multiplex Technology Optimizes Traditional Immunogenicity Testing

In a recent study, researchers used xMAP® Technology to design a multiplex assay from two separate immunogenicity assays to simultaneously identify and isotype ADAs in humans who received Humira®, a TNF inhibitor with a well-documented immunogenicity profile that is commonly used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory disorders.

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The Faces of Luminex: Aaron Benfield, Molecular Applications

For labs that perform molecular diagnostic testing, implementing new products can occasionally require training or troubleshooting to ensure seamless integration with current and future workflows. Our Molecular Applications Support Teams are experts in the field, and they combine their experience as both scientists and customer advocates to ensure our customers are set up for success. [Read More…]

Bead-Based Multiplex Assay Shines in Performance Analysis

xMAP® Technology offers significant advantages in recent comparison to electrochemiluminescence platform. It’s clear why multiplex immunoassays play a prominent role in many modern laboratories. In addition to saving time, labor, and resources, multiplexing provides simultaneous quantification of multiple targets within small sample volumes. Different multiplex platforms have individual strengths, and in a recent study, scientists [Read More…]

The Faces of Luminex: Rico Weterings, Customer Operations

Luminex has grown immensely through the years, and with a vast portfolio of products and a global workforce, there is a lot of pressure on our Customer Service Team to oversee the accuracy of order processing and fulfillment. Rico Weterings, International Order Management Associate, EMEA, helps manage this process from our office in the Netherlands. [Read More…]

How xMAP® Technology Advances Veterinary and Agricultural Research

New white paper reviews a host of recent studies based on xMAP® Technology When Luminex scientists first created xMAP® Technology back in the 1990s, they couldn’t possibly have imagined the vast array of applications for which it would eventually be utilized. We are continually impressed with our users’ creativity and scientific vision as they bring [Read More…]

The Faces of Luminex: Emily Gipson, Sales

No Sales team would be successful without the support of those working behind the scenes to ensure every order is processed quickly and correctly. Team members like Emily Gipson, Senior Manager of Global Licensed Technology Group (LTG) Sales and Order Support, champion the pre-sales process by overseeing order accuracy and ensuring compliance with Regulatory guidance. [Read More…]

Lessons from the Frontlines: How a Louisville Lab Used the ARIES® System to Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The sample-to-answer platform delivered timely and accurate test results during a critical time As COVID-19 began to spread in early 2020, scientists and medical professionals across the world began quickly responding to community needs, shifting priorities to help understand and address the pandemic. At this year’s Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) annual meeting, we hosted [Read More…]