SYNCT™ Software

Access Your Data All in One Place

SYNCT™ Software provides access to your Luminex data in one place, and allows for customizable workflows by connecting all lab workstations.


Introducing SYNCT™ Software, a solution designed specifically for the needs of molecular laboratories running ARIES® and NxTAG® assays. SYNCT empowers laboratory directors by offering:


A Streamlined Workflow

  • Create orders from anywhere in the lab.
  • View and report results from anywhere in the lab.
  • Integrate instruments to the Lab Information System (LIS) with just a few clicks of a mouse.
  • Allows for division of labor and flexibility to work within your desired lab process.


Increased Data Management

  • Manage results from ARIES® Systems, MAGPIX® (NxTAG-enabled), and any other next-generation Luminex instruments in one location. Laboratories can access information from decentralized and central facilities through a single interface.
  • Centralized reporting enables laboratory directors to easily oversee the data, allowing for higher quality results.


Easily-Added Functionality

  • Add optional applications to provide more functionality and value.
  • Increase functionality with SYNCT applications. This allows the lab to select which utilities they want to bring on, reducing validation efforts.

Do You Want to Use Standard Curve Analysis?

Introducing SYNCT Standard Curve Analysis Software (SYNCT QUANT 2.0)

(For Laboratory Use)


SYNCT™ Standard Curve Analysis Software (SYNCT Quant 2.0) is specifically created to enable standard curve analysis for Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs). Labs can create quantitative or qualitative LDTs using the powerful ARIES® UDP App and with this latest version of SYNCT Quant 2.0, standard curve creation occurs within the application. LDTs can also have a standard curve assigned to them so quantitative results are automatically calculated at the end of the run without any necessary user interaction. Features and benefits include:


  • The ability to create standard curves within the application, eliminating the need to use external tools for curve creation
  • Automatically apply standard curve to results for faster reporting turnaround
  • Bidirectional LIS interface, enabling the transfer of both orders and results, both qualitative and quantitative
  • One connection between SYNCT Software and the LIS, allowing labs to easily connect multiple instruments
  • Results monitoring and management from anywhere in the lab for faster reporting times
  • Ability to associate cassettes to orders from anywhere to allow for workflow customization and optimization


WARNING: This version of SYNCT is For Laboratory Use and cannot process IVD or RUO assay results.
Use of IVD or RUO assays may require separate, appropriately-labeled versions of SYNCT and ARIES® Systems.


Using SYNCT Quant 2.0 to create quantitative results from your LDTs can be done using these simple steps:

SYNCT 1.1u3 Standard Curve Analysis Software Step 1

Step 1

Set-up LDT

SYNCT 1.1u3 Standard Curve Analysis Software Step 2

Step 2

Run standards and obtain
standard curve values

SYNCT 1.1u3 Standard Curve Analysis Software Step 3

Step 3

Create and save standard
curve in SYNCT™

SYNCT 1.1u3 Standard Curve Analysis Software Step 4

Step 4

Run test on ARIES®

SYNCT 1.1u3 Standard Curve Analysis Software Step 5

Step 5

Apply saved standard curve
to result in SYNCT

SYNCT 1.1u3 Standard Curve Analysis Software Step 6

Step 6

Report out QUANT results
(printed report or SYNCT→LIS)



SYNCT Software — The Power Behind Your LabProduct Information

SYNCT QUANT 2.0 Standard Curve Analysis SoftwareProduct Information

ARIES® UDP AppProduct Information

SYNCT Software Basics and Connection with ARIES®Product Information

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Ordering Information


Product Registration Part Number
SYNCT™ Software US-IVD CN-SW47
SYNCT™ Standard Curve Analysis Software (SYNCT™ Quant 2.0)* Laboratory Use CN-SW59-02
ARIES® UDP App Laboratory Use CN-SW39-01
SYNCT is required to run the ARIES® UDP (User Defined Protocol) App.

* For Laboratory Use. For use with SYNCT Software and ARIES® Systems. Please contact Luminex at [email protected] to obtain the appropriate product information for your country of residence.

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use. Products are region specific and may not be approved in some countries/regions. Please contact Luminex at [email protected] to obtain the appropriate product information for your country of residence.

ARIES® Systems are class 1(I) laser products.

Validation of LIS compatibility must be performed by the end user.