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Our partners offer xMAP® Technology-based solutions

Luminex sells xMAP® Technology-based solutions through exclusive partners1 spanning a wide range of industries and specialties. These partners add value to our technology, create powerful, customizable kits, and deliver world class service and support. They also offer the industry, market, and application expertise necessary to respond to user needs quickly and most effectively.
Research & Applied Market Partners
Partner xMAP Application Area
Active Motif Histone PTM Multiplexing
Affymetrix, Inc. Gene Expression Assays & Research Immunoassays
Bio-Rad Life Science Group Research Immunoassays
Bio-Techne Research Immunoassays
Biovet Inc. Laboratory Animal Research
Charles River Laboratories Laboratory Animal Testing Services
Cornell University Laboratory Animal Testing Services
DDL Diagnostic Laboratory HPV Genotyping
G&G Science Company, LTD Testing Services
Genometry, Inc. Large-Scale High-Throughput Gene Expression
Green Peptide Co., LTD Cancer Clinical Research
IDEXX Laboratories Laboratory Animal Testing Services
Indoor Biotechnologies, Inc. Environmental Allergen Testing
Invitrogen by Thermo Fisher Scientific Research Immunoassays
MilliporeSigma Research Immunoassays
Myriad RBM Research Immunoassays & Testing Services
NMI TT Pharmaservices RUO Testing Services & Assay Development
OriGene Technologies, Inc Research Immunoassays
PPD Vaccines & Biologics CRO
ProtATonce, LTD. Testing Services
QM Diagnostics Laboratory Animal Testing Services
Radix Biosolutions Custom Assay Development & Testing Services
University of California at Davis Laboratory Animal Testing Services
Wageningen/Plant Research International AgBio
  1. Use of the Luminex products is subject to the End User Licenses and Terms and Conditions.