MAGPIX® Support Videos


Unpacking MAGPIX®

This brief video will show how to unpack the MAGPIX® instrument and assemble its components.


Preparing MAGPIX

Preparing your MAGPIX includes several steps including removing the Shipping Plug and installing the Sample Probe and Drive Fluid.


Powering Up MAGPIX

MAGPIX has a hard power switch and a soft power switch. Watch this brief video to learn how to properly power up your instrument.


Calibration & Verification

Watch this tutorial on how to calibrate and verify your Luminex® MAGPIX Instrument.


Probe Sonication

Watch this tutorial on the proper way to clean out a sample probe from your Luminex Instrument.

Quick Tips

Replace Drive Fluid

This Quick Tip demonstrates how to replace the drive fluid on the Luminex® MAGPIX® Instrument.


Replace Waste Container

This Quick Tip demonstrates how to replace the waste container on the Luminex® MAGPIX® Instrument.


Cleaning the Sample Probe

Use special care and follow these instructions for weekly maintenance when cleaning the sample probe of your MAGPIX.


Replace Syringe Seal and O Ring

As part of the 6-month maintenance, this video shows how to replace the syringe seal and O ring.


Clean/Replace Air Filters

Clean and replace your air filters as part of your 6-month maintenance by following the steps presented in this video.

Replace Sample Probe Tube

It is recommended to replace your sample probe tube annually, which is subject to wear because of the constant motion of the sample probe.

Replace Drive Fluid Filter

The drive fluid filter should be replaced as part of your annual maintenance. This video will help walk you through the steps.


Replacing Fuses

Learn how to inspect the fuses for MAGPIX and install a new fuse if needed.


Basic Troubleshooting

Listed here are the first steps that you should take when a MAGPIX instrument is malfunctioning.