Take Control of Your Health

10月 5th, 2012 / Ryan Litton

In a recent interview for the USA Today supplement “Personalized Health,” Dr. Eric Topol spoke about the exciting future of decoding genetic information for precision, individualized medicine.

With genotyping, patients are more empowered than ever to take control of their health. The results provide doctors with important information regarding how a drug functions inside an individual’s body.

For most people, medications work as they should—but for others, that isn’t the case. Take, for example, the drug Plavix, which is used by patients with coronary artery disease. About 30 percent of patients who take it cannot metabolize the drug properly, potentially rendering its effect useless or, in rare cases, even dangerous. “In those one-third of people who don’t metabolize the drug,” says Dr. Topol, “they’re at a three-fold risk of clotting in their stents.” With a simple blood or saliva sample, doctors can determine if a patient’s 2C19 gene will allow the drug to work as intended.”

Genomics and precision medicine help doctors provide their patients with the individualized care they need. Ask your doctor for a genetic test to determine whether or not your medications are working as they should.