Sharing Multiplex Solutions at xMAP® Connect 2016

4月 25th, 2017 / Hilary Graham

Learn about the diverse applications of xMAP Technology and spark inspiration for your next experiment

Most conferences focus on research advances and the development of therapies for specific diseases. xMAP® Connect is different.

Sharing Multiplex Solutions at xMAP® Connect 2016

Whether you’re a multiplexing expert eager to share your work or just getting started – xMAP Connect is the premier event for networking with fellow xMAP enthusiasts and sharing best practices. In 2016, more than 200 researchers from 36 countries in Europe, the Middle East, India, Africa, and Asia attended the annual xMAP users’ meeting held in Amsterdam.

The open architecture of xMAP Technology enables endless applications, which is evident in the diversity of the presentations.

xMAP® Connect 2016Day 1 focused on biomarkers, immunology, and multiplex screening developments:

  • Identifying biomarkers for asthma phenotype analysis
  • Developing a new tool for the detection and quantification of microRNA
  • Improving protein and peptide-multiplexing technology for the development of tumor autoantibody-based diagnostics
  • Characterizing circulating tumor cells using a Luminex®-based liquid biopsy
  • Mapping the presence, abundance, and location of the proteins across the human body with affinity proteomics of dried blood spots
  • Identifying markers of exposure and immunity in antibody response profiles from individuals living in malaria endemic settings
  • Determining biomarkers of tumoral infiltration in central nervous systems of patients with Lymphoma
  • Designing phenotypic drug screening assays and hit validation tools using cytokine profiling

xMAP Connect

Day 2 was devoted to clinical infectious disease research and public health solutions:

xMAP Connect

  • Tracking the longitudinal humoral response to reveal virulence factors involved in osteomyelitis
  • Discriminating up to 51 mucosotropic HPV types for epidemiological investigation
  • Distinguishing bacterial from non-bacterial pediatric clinical pneumonia using 56 biomarkers
  • Monitoring of S. pneumoniae vaccine response
  • Preventing the feeding of processed animal proteins through the identification of species-specific and tissue-specific molecules
  • Development of public health surveillance tools for the detection of: Salmonella Typhimurium, fungi in indoor air, and genetically modified foods
  • Identifying predictive S. aureus antigens for the development of diagnostic tools

In addition to the invited presentations, 25 researchers also shared their recent work during the poster sessions. The Protagen Diagnostics team was recognized for the most innovative poster: “Discovery of Novel Autoantigens in Sjögren’s Syndrome with Potential Subgrouping of Disease.” They screened more than 2,000 serum samples from patients with autoimmune diseases and more than 1,000 healthy individuals with the goal of confirming known, and discovering new, autoantibodies. They discovered a small set of novel autoantibodies appearing with a prevalence of 8 to >20% in Primary Sjögren’s syndrome patients.

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