Partner Product Offerings: Millipore Sigma| Bio-Rad | R&D Systems|Thermo Fisher Scientific

12月 12th, 2017 / Hilary Graham

There are currently more than 60 Luminex Licensed Technologies Partners worldwide that provide kits, assay dev

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Partner Product Offerings: Affymetrix | R&D Systems | EMD Millipore | Luminex

10月 11th, 2016 / Hilary Graham


Checkmate on Cancer – get the full view soluble immune checkpoint molecules

ProcartaPlex® Immuno-Oncology Checkpoint Molecules Panel (14 plex)

The Immuno-Oncology Checkpoint Marker Panel is the first commercially available, multiplex immunoassay system that allows the simultaneous detection of the soluble forms of the following 14 checkpoint modulators…

R&D Systems, a Bio-Techne Brand

Want at custom biomarker assay? Don’t want to build it yourself?

The Luminex® Assay, by R&D Systems, offers 347 biomarkers to select from enabling you to configure the exact assay you need. This near custom assays solution is optimized to deliver the most flexible Luminex Assay available…

EMD Millipore

MILLIPLEX® MAP Human Neuroscience Magnetic Bead Panel 1

Researching Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, or Traumatic Brain Injury?

The MILLIPLEX® MAP Human Neuroscience Magnetic Bead Panel 1 (product number HNS1MAG-95K) is a new 6-plex kit that requires only 25μL of neat human cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) per assay…

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Bitten by the Tropical Medicine Bug

4月 4th, 2017 / Hilary Graham

Developing multiplex assays and surveillance systems for neglected tropical diseases In 1995, Satoshi Kaneko w

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The Faces of Luminex: Stephanie Harris, Technical Applications Specialist

10月 11th, 2016 / Hilary Graham

The Bead Master

Q: What do you do at Luminex?

I’m a Technical Applications Specialist providing customers with troubleshooting support. I’m the protein specialist in our group, so I use this expertise to work on internal development projects as well as provide solutions to researchers’ queries. I generally receive four significant cases per day plus a couple of straightforward queries. The longest call I’ve ever had was a little over 2 hours, and the customer was great – she was willing to try everything I suggested to resolve her issue.

When I started at Luminex two years ago, this was the first customer facing role I’ve had. I began by answering emails and submissions from the web form, which we respond to in less than an hour, but now I am fully confident when fielding complex customer calls in real time. When talking with customers, I generally stand in front of the instrument, as this helps to bring all my knowledge front-of-mind.

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Tackling S. pneumoniae: Why Multiplexing Matters

9月 11th, 2018 / Hilary Graham

Discriminating 93 serotypes takes a lot of beads Ger Rijkers and the Pneumococcal Consortium are working to de

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At the Serum Institute of India, Vaccine Development Requires Multiplex Assays

9月 25th, 2018 / Hilary Graham

Bonus: Pro tips for xMAP® assay developers Since 1967, the Serum Institute of India has launched more than 20

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Adopting DigiWest®: How a Multiplex Immunoassay Is Making a Difference in Precision Oncology

2月 4th, 2019 / Hilary Graham

Test replaced LDT, offering better ease of use and more comprehensive targets At CPO (Cellular Phenomics &#038

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Five Things We Learned from an xMAP® Power User

2月 19th, 2019 / Hilary Graham

DKFZ’s Tim Waterboer has published more xMAP papers than any other user At the fourth annual xMAP® Connect use

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Can’t Get Out of the Lab? No Travel Budget Left This Year? Not a Problem!

10月 11th, 2016 / Hilary Graham

Check out these digital resources: xMAP® partner webinars, and how-to videos  Luminex Partner Sponsored W

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Shooting for the Moon – Proteogenomics – The Next Leap in Precision Cancer Care

10月 11th, 2016 / Hilary Graham

APOLLO links proteomic and genomic analysis to develop more effective oncology treatment plans

The Cancer Moonshot is a mission that all of us #CanServe according to Vice President Joe Biden. Announced at the State of the Union address in January 2016, the program aims to double the rate of progress toward a cure for cancer through increased collaboration and investment. Most recently the Applied Proteogenomics Organizational Learning and Outcomes (APOLLO) Network was established, and will combine point-of-care genomic and proteomic analysis in hopes of matching a patient’s tumor types to targeted therapies. A cohort of 8,000 patients undergoing treatment for lung cancer, as part of the Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of Defense (DoD) healthcare systems, will be routinely screened at oncologist appointments with the goal of identifying treatment plans that are more effective based on patient’s unique proteogenomic profile.

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