Luminex Licensed Technologies Partner Spotlight:  EpiCypher

10月 21st, 2020 / Hilary Graham

EpiCypher delivers high-quality reagents for epigenetics and chromatin research As one of Luminex’s Licensed T

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Coming Soon: A New Multiplex Serology Test for SARS-CoV-2

8月 10th, 2020 / Hilary Graham

Luminex Partner Tetracore designed a serology assay for SARS-CoV-2 using xMAP® Technology. A new multiplex ser

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Webinar: Mouse Model Analysis Is Better with Multiplexing

5月 13th, 2020 / Hilary Graham

Query hundreds of immunoassay targets, even with limited sample volume To make the most of immunology-focused

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How to Choose an Assay Development Platform

4月 24th, 2020 / Chris Haake

The Luminex Team knows assay development. Check out some tips from our experts below. If you need to design a

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MAGPIX® Systems See New Life Through Equipment Donation Program

3月 10th, 2020 / Hilary Graham

MilliporeSigma and Seeding Labs send gently used instruments to labs in need Thanks to a nonprofit organizatio

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Custom Assays: ‘If You Dream It, We Can Multiplex It’

11月 20th, 2019 / Hilary Graham

Video presentation details assay development services from MilliporeSigma With new biomarkers being published

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Partner Product Offerings: Millipore Sigma| Bio-Rad | R&D Systems|Thermo Fisher Scientific

12月 12th, 2017 / Hilary Graham

There are currently more than 60 Luminex Licensed Technologies Partners worldwide that provide kits, assay dev

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Partner Product Offerings: Affymetrix | R&D Systems | EMD Millipore | Luminex

10月 11th, 2016 / Hilary Graham


Checkmate on Cancer – get the full view soluble immune checkpoint molecules

ProcartaPlex® Immuno-Oncology Checkpoint Molecules Panel (14 plex)

The Immuno-Oncology Checkpoint Marker Panel is the first commercially available, multiplex immunoassay system that allows the simultaneous detection of the soluble forms of the following 14 checkpoint modulators…

R&D Systems, a Bio-Techne Brand

Want at custom biomarker assay? Don’t want to build it yourself?

The Luminex® Assay, by R&D Systems, offers 347 biomarkers to select from enabling you to configure the exact assay you need. This near custom assays solution is optimized to deliver the most flexible Luminex Assay available…

EMD Millipore

MILLIPLEX® MAP Human Neuroscience Magnetic Bead Panel 1

Researching Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, or Traumatic Brain Injury?

The MILLIPLEX® MAP Human Neuroscience Magnetic Bead Panel 1 (product number HNS1MAG-95K) is a new 6-plex kit that requires only 25μL of neat human cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) per assay…

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Five-Minute Master Class: Design Practices for xMAP® Assays

9月 18th, 2019 / Hilary Graham

Bio-Rad expert shares SMARTS design principles for optimizing multiplex immunoassays Ever wondered how the pro

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What’s New with Luminex® xMAP® Technology Partners—March 2015

3月 4th, 2015 / Luminex Corporation

The applications of Luminex® xMAP® Technology are evolving and progressing—our partners are releasing new prod

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