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METHODS Special Issue: Multiplexing for Personalized Oncology

12月 30th, 2019 / Hilary Graham

Assays quantify RNA expression even in challenging samples Multiplex molecular assays have several important r

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The Faces of Luminex: Brian Walsh, Technical Applications

12月 20th, 2019 / Christina Olivas

We work hard to deliver robust systems and consumables to our customers, but even with the best quality contro

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Webinar: Improving Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnostics with Multiplex Assays

12月 18th, 2019 / Hilary Graham

How a European team avoided performing 16,000 ELISA tests New efforts to improve the diagnosis of rheumatoid a

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METHODS Special Issue: Multiplexing to Quantify Cytokines and Chemokines in Mouse Brain Study

12月 16th, 2019 / Hilary Graham

Assay requires minimal sample volume for 33-analyte interrogation Scientists from the National Institute of Ne

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The Faces of Luminex: Yetzielisse Urgelles, Graphic Design

12月 6th, 2019 / Christina Olivas

Whether it’s through our website, social media channels, or a conference booth, if you’ve seen Luminex content

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METHODS Special Issue: New Multiplex Assay for Vaccine Immunogenicity Testing

11月 25th, 2019 / Hilary Graham

Recently developed test lowers cost and reduces sample volumes needed for evaluating combination vaccines Scie

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The Faces of Luminex: Brett Osburn, Manufacturing

11月 22nd, 2019 / Christina Olivas

Here at Luminex, we’re proud to design and manufacture the products we sell—whether we’re synthesizing dyes fo

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Custom Assays: ‘If You Dream It, We Can Multiplex It’

11月 20th, 2019 / Hilary Graham

Video presentation details assay development services from MilliporeSigma With new biomarkers being published

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METHODS Special Issue: Multiplexing Enables More Robust Surveillance for Avian Influenza

11月 4th, 2019 / Hilary Graham

New assay developed for routine poultry monitoring In the journal Methods, scientists from Wageningen Bioveter

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The Faces of Luminex: Larry Vaughan, Facilities Operations

10月 25th, 2019 / Molly Frazier

At Luminex, we often get caught up discussing the ins and outs of our instruments and assays, but the impact o

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