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December 2014: Recent Papers Using Luminex xMAP Technology

12月 17th, 2014 / Luminex Corporation

As 2014 comes to a close, we have one last highlight of the numerous publications from our customers. We’ve se

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If You Think Ebola Was Bad…

12月 17th, 2014 / Nanosphere, A Luminex Company

Despite the fact that only a handful of people have been infected with Ebola in the United States, widespread public anxiety and media coverage have quickly escalated the virus to the forefront of public health fears. While these concerns are justified, another imminent threat with little to no public awareness is rapidly spreading – antibiotic resistance.

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Flu Vaccine Mismatch

12月 12th, 2014 / Nanosphere, A Luminex Company

This year’s flu vaccine may not adequately protect recipients from the currently circulating strains of influenza. While we remain in the early stages of the 2014-2015 flu season, over 90 percent of the 1,200 samples submitted to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have been the H3N2 subtype of influenza A, half of which are genetically drifted strains against which this season’s flu vaccine offers poor protection.

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Premiere of Testimonial Series

12月 5th, 2014 / Nanosphere, A Luminex Company

We are pleased to announce the premiere of its first video testimonial in a series titled In Their Own Words. The video features Nikki Fette, Clinical Laboratory Scientist at Parkview Medical Center, located in Pueblo, Colorado.

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Designing Your Nucleic Acid Based Assay is Easy!

12月 2nd, 2014 / Cassie Bannister

You do not have to struggle to teach yourself how to design your first Luminex-based nucleic acid assay. We ha

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Don’t Fear Protein Assay Development—Luminex is here!

11月 26th, 2014 / Cassie Bannister

Are you hiding in the shadows of your laboratory in fear and frustration….wondering how and when you will be s

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November 2014: Recent Papers Using Luminex xMAP Technology

11月 24th, 2014 / Luminex Corporation

Another month has passed and it’s time to share the highlights of the numerous publications from our customers

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The Trouble with Antibiotics

11月 24th, 2014 / Nanosphere, A Luminex Company

A recent investigation by PBS’ Frontline has shed additional light on the growing threat of antibiotic resistance. A segment titled “The Trouble with Antibiotics” delves into mounting evidence of the global spread of multi-drug resistant bacteria, highlighting the case of Troy Stulen, a 20-year-old who was killed by an antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection following a successful bone marrow transplant at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

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Increased Readmission Rates for Survivors of Septic Shock

11月 18th, 2014 / Nanosphere, A Luminex Company

While advances in the understanding of sepsis have led to improved management and outcomes for patients with septic shock, a recent study published in Critical Care Medicine by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania describe a troubling increase in 30-day hospital readmission rates for survivors of septic shock.

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New Outcomes Data Presented at IDWeek 2014

11月 6th, 2014 / Nanosphere, A Luminex Company

A study depicting the clinical and economic impact associated with implementing the Verigene® Gram-Positive Blood Culture Test (BC-GP) in combination with antimicrobial stewardship was recently presented by Maggie Box, Pharm.D, of Scripps Health at the 2014 IDWeek meeting. This multi-center, pre-post quasi-experimental analysis was conducted to determine the impact that implementing BC-GP with antimicrobial stewardship had on time to optimal therapy, difference in antimicrobial therapy for blood culture contaminants, hospital length-of-stay, and pharmacy and overall hospital costs.

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