Yearly Archives: 2012

Habitat for Humanity Build Day

9月 26th, 2012 / Shivam Patel

Have you ever wondered what it took to build a house? Are you architecturally inclined? Do you enjoy helping t

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Just Bead It!

9月 18th, 2012 / Mai Le

Have you ever wondered about the technology that helps runs your tests? We’ve provided you with a little more

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Austin Collegiate Career Day

9月 5th, 2012 / Shivam Patel

Have you ever thought about giving back to the Austin community? Check out how our Luminex Corporation employe

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What do you mean we can’t go live Monday?!

8月 28th, 2012 / Kim Vaughan

You have gotten the approval to bring on a new test that will reduce costs and improve testing turnaround time

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What is West Nile Virus?

8月 22nd, 2012 / Luminex Corporation

Have you heard the recent news about West Nile Virus? In the last couple weeks, Texas has experienced a fairly

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It’s All About The Stats!

6月 19th, 2012 / Aaron Benfield

Numerous statistics are produced for each sample within a batch. Definitions for these terms can found in the

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Better Know Your xTAG® RVP Buffers!

6月 18th, 2012 / Matt Phillips

A common mistake amongst xTAG® users occurs when the wrong buffer is used at the wrong step. You may ask yours

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Who was Maurice Hilleman?

6月 14th, 2012 / Luminex Corporation

Who was Maurice Hilleman, and why should you care? If you were fortunate enough to escape childhood diseases t

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How to Make a Top-Quality Immunoassay

6月 6th, 2012 / Luminex Corporation

Have you ever wondered how to develop a top-quality immunoassay for a fraction of the cost of what you can buy

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Why Multiplexing Will Continue to Grow

5月 30th, 2012 / Luminex Corporation

Doing more with less is a very common challenge faced by many industries today. It is particularly important i

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