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Have You Serviced Your MAGPIX® This Year?

12月 11th, 2012 / Darren Duncan

In addition to your daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance of the MAGPIX® instrument, there are preventative p

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What is DNA Methylation, and Can I Use Luminex Technology to Study It?

12月 5th, 2012 / Luminex Corporation

DNA methylation is a type of epigenetic change, and epigenetic changes are modifications to genes other than t

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Manual MagPlex® Bead Washing–Keep the Beads in Your Plate, Not the Sink!

12月 4th, 2012 / Valerie Stone

Not using the most efficient way to wash your beads can often lead to lost sample and beads—something we try t

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How Well Do You Know Your Sample Probe?

11月 27th, 2012 / Becky Bellos

Some of the most common hardware problems that occur in the field are related to the sample probe. Is your ins

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This Year’s Flu Vaccine – Why is it Different, and Why Does it Matter?

11月 14th, 2012 / Luminex Corporation

It’s getting close to to that time of year again, and you’re probably wondering how not to get sick with the f

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Top 3 Tips When Performing Luminex Clinical Diagnostic Assays

11月 13th, 2012 / Darren Duncan

Luminex Clinical Diagnostic assays designed on xTAG® Technology enable a large number of clinical specimens to

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How Do I Validate This Assay When I Don’t Have Positive Specimens?

11月 6th, 2012 / David Polchert

One almost universal frustration in validating a new assay is sourcing the appropriate clinical samples. Would

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Eleven Cytokines Involved in Neurodegenerative Diseases

10月 16th, 2012 / Luminex Corporation

Neurodegenerative diseases are characterized by the progressive loss of structure or function of neurons, incl

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Take Control of Your Health

10月 5th, 2012 / Ryan Litton

In a recent interview for the USA Today supplement “Personalized Health,” Dr. Eric Topol spoke about the excit

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National Marrow Donor Program – Be The Match

10月 3rd, 2012 / Ryan Litton

We are proud to announce that this year, Luminex once again partnered with the National Marrow Donor Program –

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