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Targeted and Syndromic Molecular Diagnostics Testing


Every day, clinical labs need to quickly deliver the most reliable, actionable answers to physicians, even as they operate on tight budgets. Defining a flexible approach to manage these demands is critical for labs to operate with increasing efficiency.


Whether you need a streamlined, sample to answer platform or high-volume multiplexed assays, we can help.


We are the only molecular diagnostics developer providing both targeted and syndromic clinical tests for infectious diseases — so you never have to compromise on diagnostic performance, cost, or turnaround time to generate results.


From low-volume microbiology labs to high-capacity reference labs and everything in between, Luminex offers flexible solutions to meet the clinical, operational, and economical needs of your healthcare system.



Riverview Health Reduces Antibiotic Resistance Through Improved Testing and Teamwork


Riverview Health shares how the VERIGENE® System has strengthened the relationship between researchers, pharmacists, and physicians throughout the hospital while reducing the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics. (2 min)







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