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Guava® easyCyte™ Instrument Specifications

For fully automated sample loading from single tubes or a 96-well plate, we offer the easyCyte™ HT (High Throughput) Systems, with four available high-power lasers. The affordable easyCyte™ series features individual sample loading from tubes, and the same powerful optics as the HT systems.

The recent addition of a green 532 nanometer laser enhances the easyCyte instrument line, expanding multiparameter detection capabilities and enabling simultaneous detection of multiple fluorescent proteins, as well as providing a broader spectral choice using fluorescent reagents.

Guava easyCyte Instrument Service & Support

Instrument Service Plans

A wide offering of service support and agreements is available from our highly trained professions. As part of our complete flow cytometry solution, or service agreements are structured, yet flexible, allowing you to select the level of hardware, software, and application support that you prefer.

Instrument Service Plans and Training are available. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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Key Accessories for Guava easyCyte HT and Guava easyCyte Single Loader Instruments

Description Instrument Type Part Number
Guava easyCheck Kit (100 tests) easyCyte & easyCyte HT Series 4500-0025
Guava Instrument Cleaning Fluid (ICF) easyCyte & easyCyte HT Series 4200-0140
Waste Vial easyCyte Series 0110-8120
Wash Bottle Assembly easyCyte Series 0110-8125
Waste Vial easyCyte HT Series 0110-5790
Wash Bottle Assembly easyCyte HT Series 0110-5780
Flow Cell easyCyte HT Series easyCyte HT Series 0500-2260
Flow Cell easyCyte Series easyCyte Series 0500-2270
Flow Cell Removal easyCyte & easyCyte HT Series 6000-3020
Flow Cell Tightening Tool easyCyte & easyCyte HT Series 6000-2410
Syringe Assembly Cleaning Tool easyCyte & easyCyte HT Series 0110-0210
Instrument Shipping Box easyCyte HT Series easyCyte HT Series 0110-5690
Instrument Shipping Box easyCyte Series easyCyte Series 0110-2640

* Flow Cells for newer Guava easyCyte Systems now include MinStac tubing. Please review the Flow Cell product insert guide for correct installation instructions.


Product Relocation and Installation


If the instrument needs to be moved to a new location in the lab area or building, always use two people to lift and a sturdy transport such as a cart. If a longer distance move requiring packup is required, please contact Luminex. A Relocation and Installation Service is available for a fee. Call technical support for more information.

Customer Support
Local +1 (206) 374-7000
Toll Free (USA) 1-(800) 645-5476
(instrument support)
[email protected]
(analysis support & other questions)
[email protected]

Flow Cytometry Applications


Benchtop flow cytometry from Luminex offers rapid access to insightful cellular analysis that you can apply to diverse research areas, including immunology and molecular biology. Because the systems are easy to use and affordable to operate, you can achieve more productive research. Moreover, you can now analyze a variety of cell types, from small bacteria to algae, yeast, plant, and mammalian cells.


The following applications are readily achieved using 5-8 parameter analysis with Guava easyCyte Benchtop Flow Cytometers, and using 5-12 parameter analysis with Amnis® imaging flow cytometers.


  • BioProcess
  • Biosynthesis
  • Cell Biology
  • Cell Health
  • Immunology
  • Screening
  • Stem Cells


Optimize Your Fluorophore Selection


This Spectra Viewer can be used for any of our flow or imaging flow cytometers. Simply select your instrument, configuration, and fluorochomes to view the excitation and emission spectra specific to your instrument.



Flow Cytometry and Imaging

Luminex flow cytometers and cellular analysis instruments give you instant access to all facets of cellular phenotypes and morphology.

Amnis CellStream
Amnis FlowSight
Amnis ImageStreamX Mk II
Guava easyCyte
Guava Muse


Guava easyCyte Flow Cytometers are uniquely amenable to on-demand use in the laboratory environment, and have helped many scientists achieve insightful cellular analysis since 1998.

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