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Calibration and Verification Kits

MAGPIX® Calibration and Verification Kits


The lot specific information below is contained in the CD provided with each Calibration and Verification Kit. The target values can also be downloaded and saved to your MAGPIX system. The Certificates of Quality are available below as well.

Calibration Kit MPX-CAL-K25; Lot Number
Target Value File (lxl) Certificate of Quality
B51830 B51830
B54300 B54300
B55647 B55647
B55649 B55649
B57428 B57428
B57454 B57454
B59161 B59161
B60650 B60650
B60651 B60651
B61142 B61142
B61980 B61980
B62534 B62534

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