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Calibration & Verification Kits

FLEXMAP 3D® Calibration and Verification Kits


The lot specific information below is contained in the CD provided with each Calibration and Verification Kit. The target values can also be downloaded and saved to your FLEXMAP 3D system. The Certificates of Quality are available below as well.

Calibration Kit F3D-CAL-K25; Lot Number
Target Value File (lxl) Certificate of Quality
B53182 B53182
B54835 B54835
B56008 B56008
B56591 B56591
B56707 B56707
B58604 B58604
B59062 B59062
B60912 B60912
B60914 B60914
B61597 B61597
B62261 B62261
B62683 B62683
B62706 B62706


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Performance Verification Kit F3D-PVER-K25; Lot Number
Target Value File (lxl) Certificate of Quality
B53731 B53731
B55205 B55205
B55305 B55305
B57076 B57076
B57099 B57099
B58044 B58044
B58605 B58605
B58710 B58710
B59609 B59609
B60318 B60318
B61039 B61039
B61599 B61599
B61636 B61636
B62682 B62682


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