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An easy to use, simple, compact, robust instrument for your cell analysis needs


Guava® Muse® Warranty, & Software Updates


With its simple design and operation, the Muse® Cell Analyzer provides reliable cell data — instantly and accurately. To maximize the instrument’s performance, Luminex offers a comprehensive service program supported by trained, in-house specialists and technical support representatives. With full coverage for replacement of approved instrument components, our warranty protection and service plans ensure your system remains fully operational.


Warranty Plans


To ensure that your instrument continues to produce high quality, reliable data for years to come, several warranty options are available to address the budget and needs of every lab.


  Muse® Total Service Plan Muse Advanced Service Plan Muse Essential Service Plan Standard Warranty (first 12 months after purchase date)
Repair at Depot Center (Includes Labor and Expenses) Yes – Unlimited repairs are covered Yes – Two repairs are covered within one year No Unit repaired or replaced as appropriate
Annual Preventative Maintenance Service Yes Yes Yes No
Cost of Shipment From Local Repair Site to Customer Location Yes Yes Yes Yes
Software Upgrade Yes Yes Yes Yes
Factory Trained and Authorized Service Engineers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Technical Support Call Center Yes Yes Yes Yes



Muse Cell Analyzer Service Plans


Customer Support
Email [email protected]
U.S. +1 877 785 2323
Outside the U.S. +1 512 381 4397
EMEA +31 (0)73 800 1900
China +86 21 802 31150
Japan +81 03 5545 7444



Software Installation


Software Installation Instructions:

  • Download and copy to a USB flash drive. (Note: The file must be copied to the main or root directory of the USB flash drive.)
  • Insert the USB flash drive into a free USB port on your Muse Instrument.
  • Log-in using the permanent Administrator account and navigate to Setup>Software Update. Follow onscreen prompts to install software.
Release Date Update Description Download Software Updates
May 30, 2019
  • NEW software modules:
    • Muse Malaria Pf-Pv Detection software module version
    • Muse RBC Invasion software module version
    • Muse Open Module Red
    • Muse Open Module Yellow
  • Addressed issue:  Complete System Clean – Incorrect instructions if tapping on “Next Cleaning” from Cleaning Log.
  • Addressed issue:  An Operator or Supervisor level user should not be able to export a file to USB if the “Disable Instrument Storage Export” feature is enabled.
  • Addressed issue: Number of user accounts increased to 40.

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Installation Instructions:

  • Download to your computer. Unzip the file.
  • In the file extraction location, find setup.exe and right-click. Select “Run as administrator” to initiate installation.
  • Follow on-screen prompts to proceed with and finish installation.
Release Date Update Description Download Software Updates
May 30, 2019
  • NEW software modules:
    • Muse Malaria P.f.-P.v. Detection software module version
    • Muse RBC Invasion software module version
  • Addressed issue: An incorrect Analysis Date is sometimes indicated on Printouts.
  • Muse Open Module Red
  • Muse Open Module Yellow
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Muse Cell Analyzer Installation Videos


With the Muse Analyzer, sophisticated cell analysis has never been simpler. Even startup is a snap. Watch the following Muse demo videos to quickly set up and operate your instrument. Individual Muse demo video chapters instruct you in:

  • Unpacking the Instrument
  • Installation of Key Components
  • General Guidance for Getting Started
  • Running the System Check
  • General Care and Maintenance

For more detailed information and for handy reference, please consult the Instrument Users Guide.

Video Library

Chapter 1: Unpacking the Instrument

  • Accessories included
  • Instrument features and navigation
  • Registering your instrument online


Chapter 2: Installation

  • Installation
  • Filling the fluid bottles
  • Connecting the waste bottle tubing
  • Installing the flow cell


Chapter 3: Preparing to Run Samples

  • Basic instrument settings
  • Main software features
  • General instrument operations
  • Exporting files
  • Updating software
  • Cleaning the fluidics using the System Clean program

Chapter 4: System Check

  • Running the Muse® System Check application
  • Bead preparation
  • Running replicates
  • Result interpretation
  • System Check troubleshooting

Chapter 5: General Maintenance

  • Cleaning the fluidics and flow cell
  • Best maintenance practices


Optimize Your Fluorophore Selection


This Spectra Viewer can be used for any of our flow or imaging flow cytometers. Simply select your instrument, configuration, and fluorochomes to view the excitation and emission spectra specific to your instrument.





Flow Cytometry and Imaging

Luminex flow cytometers and cellular analysis instruments give you instant access to all facets of cellular phenotypes and morphology.

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Amnis ImageStreamX Mk II
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Guava Muse



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