Muse® Nitric Oxide Kit

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The Muse® Nitric Oxide Kit – 100 Tests (Part Number: MCH100112) allows for the quantitative simultaneous measurements of two important cell health parameters: changes in intracellular nitric oxide activity levels, and cellular plasma membrane permeabilization, or cell death. The kit consists of the Muse Nitric Oxide (NO) Reagent and the dead cell dye 7-AAD. The Muse Nitric Oxide Reagent is a membrane-permeable, novel reagent (DAX-J2™ Orange) that generates a highly fluorescent product upon NO oxidation inside the cell. The reagent is non-toxic, does not depend on the action of cellular esterases for reactivity, and is photostable. A dead cell marker (7-AAD) is also included in the kit as an indicator of cell membrane structural integrity and cell death. It is excluded from live cells with intact membranes, but permeates membranes that are compromised or stressed, in addition to dead cells. It exhibits increased fluorescence in the viability parameter.

Minimal sample preparation is required in this no-wash assay, making it easy to obtain accurate and precise results on both suspension and adherent cells. Muse Software provides the percentage and concentration of live cells, live cells with nitric oxide activity, dead cells with nitric oxide activity, dead cells, and the total nitric oxide-positive cells (live and dead). The Muse Nitric Oxide Kit is optimized for use with the Guava® Muse® Cell Analyzer, which makes sophisticated, fluorescent-based analysis fast, easy, convenient, and affordable. After loading samples onto the Muse Cell Analyzer, intuitive software provides detailed or summary analysis of your cell sample in a few short steps.

Instrument Compatibility:

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

DAX-J2 is a trademark of AAT Bioquest.

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Muse® Nitric Oxide Kit – 100 Tests

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.