Luminex® 200™ Support Videos

Quick Tips

Luminex® 200™ Check Firmware

This Quick Tip shows the user how to check firmware on the Luminex® 200™ Instrument.


Luminex 200 Import License Key

This Quick Tip indicates how to import the License Key into xPONENT® for the Luminex 200 Instrument.


xPONENT® 3.1 Convert Files

This Quick Tip indicates how to convert files from IS 2.3 to xPONENT® 3.1 for your Luminex 200 Instrument.


Luminex 200 SDS Error Alarm

This troubleshooting video informs Luminex 200 users on how to detect the audible alarm and fault LED on the Luminex SDS, how to troubleshoot the issue, how to drain the SDS and how to refill it.


Luminex 200 Fluid Leak

This tutorial will help troubleshoot a fluid leak issue on the Luminex 200 Instrument.


Luminex 200 Acquisition Issues

This video will provide you with troubleshooting steps if you have a Luminex 200 Instrument with acquisition issues. Let our Technical Support representative guide you through these steps in order to get your instrument working again.


Probe Height Adjustment

The steps listed in this brief video will walk you through how to adjust the probe height on your Luminex 200 instrument.


Luminex 200 Sample Probe Bypass

This video will demonstrate the steps to take bypass the sample probe to check if there are issues with the probe.


Replacing the XYP Air Intake Filter

Why should you replace the air intake filter on the XY Platform? The air intake filter keeps dust and large particles out of the XY Platform and should be replaced as part of the semi-annual maintenance routine.

Cleaning the Analyzer Vent Filter

Let’s take a look at the procedure for removing, cleaning, and replacing the vent filter on the Luminex 200 analyzer as part of the semi-annual maintenance schedule.

Luminex 200: Clean Exterior Surfaces

In this video, we will go over how to clean the exterior surfaces of the Luminex 200. This routine is part of the monthly maintenance schedule to keep the Luminex 200 clean and sterile.

Luminex 200 Visual Inspection

Let’s take a look at the procedure of performing a visual inspection of the Luminex 200 Instrument. This routine is part of the weekly maintenance schedule to keep the system clean and to help identify potential issues.

Luminex 200 Syringe Seal Replacement

Replacing the seal will prevent leaks or pressure loss in the fluidics system. This preventative maintenance procedure is to be used if the seal is not performing properly.

Replacing the Analyzer Air Intake Filter

The intake air filter needs to be replaced every six months to keep the fluidics bay sterile and clean of particles that build up on the filter over time.

Luminex 200 Startup & Shutdown Procedure

Following the startup and shutdown daily maintenance routines help ensure accurate test results by properly cleaning and maintaining the instrument.

Replacing the Sheath Filter

Keeping the sheath filter clean helps ensure accurate test results by keeping the fluidics system clean of particles that buildup on the filter. The filter needs to be replaced annually.

Flush the Luminex 200 System

Flushing the system ensures that all the fluidics lines and the chamber in the Luminex 200 are clean and debris free. It is important to flush the system once per week.


Luminex 200: Running CON1 as an Assay

This tutorial will teach you how to run CON1 as an assay on your Luminex 200 instrument.


Luminex 200 xPONENT 3.1 Software Upgrade Tutorial

This video demonstrates how to upgrade IS 2.3 software to xPONENT 3.1.

Stringent Clean Process

The stringent clean process consists of four stages that can solve various issues on the Luminex 200 such as Calibration or control failures, probe or instrument clogs, and more.

Clean and Set Probe Height

There are several reasons why the probe may need to be cleaned or the height adjusted on your Luminex 200.


The process of calibration and verification of your Luminex 200 instrument should be done as part of your monthly maintenance for your instrument or for troubleshooting purposes.