Guava® easyCyte™ Flow Cytometers

Expanding the potential of flow cytometry for more than 20 years

Guava® easyCyte™ HT and SL Flow Cytometers

The first benchtop cytometer on the market—now better than ever

Powered by intuitive software, Guava® easyCyte™ Flow Cytometers are some of the most dynamic and flexible benchtop systems available. The easyCyte line provides greater sensitivity and optional high-throughput capabilities, enabling you to expand your research capabilities. The easyCyte line of flow cytometers offers:

  • Up to 3 lasers and 14 parameters on a benchtop instrument, allowing for a high degree of flexibility.
  • Product upgradability from 1 to up to 3 lasers, which enables future-proofing.
  • An innovative microcapillary fluidics design, eliminating sheath fluid and reducing waste stream.
  • The combination of microcapillary technology and a positive-displacement syringe pump, which allows for direct absolute counting with industry-leading precision.
  • An intuitive software interface, enabling simplified data analysis, including cell-health assays.
  • Detection of particles as small as 0.2 and up to 60 µm, facilitating the evaluation of a broad variety of samples.
  • High-throughput options, which allow for walkaway acquisition for up to 96 samples.
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Guava® easyCyte™ Systems - Expanding the Potential of Flow Cytometry
The first benchtop cytometer on the market—now better than ever Powered by intuitive software, Guava® easyCyte™ Flow Cytometers are some of the most dynamic and flexible benchtop systems available. The easyCyte line provides greater sensitivity and optional high-throughput capabilities, enabl
Guava® easyCyte™ Timeline

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Explore Guava® easyCyte™ Benchtop Flow Cytometers

Choose the configuration that best suits your research needs.

Model Number of
405 nm
488 nm
(50 mW)
488 nm
(150 mW)
532 nm
642 nm
easyCyte™ 5 or 5HT 5        
easyCyte™ 5HPL or 5HPL HT 5        
easyCyte™ 6-2L or 6-2L HT 6      
easyCyte™ 8 or 8HT 8      
easyCyte™ BG or BG HT 10      
easyCyte™ 11 or 11HT 11      
easyCyte™ BGR or BGR HT 12    
easyCyte™ 12 or 12HT 13    
easyCyte™ BGV or BGV HT 14    

Click here to view detailed specifications.

How Guava easyCyte Systems Work

Single, dual, or triple excitation laser configurations provide up to 14 simultaneous detection parameters, including 12 fluorescent colors plus forward and side scatter for size and granularity determination. For applications requiring exceptional sensitivity, a high-power blue laser (HPL) is offered in both single-loader and high-throughput (HT) formats.

Guava easyCyte Optical Layout

Optical layout for the easyCyte 12 three-laser system

Guava easyCyte Instrument Features

easyCyte flow cytometers use novel microcapillary technology in a compact, user-friendly format, which is powerful enough to run your most complex assays. In addition, these simple fluidics enable a self-aligning flow cell that can be removed for cleaning by the user. New, more robust lasers available in virtually any combination mean that you choose the excitation and emission channels that are most relevant to your lab’s experiments. Each of the versatile optical configurations can be equipped with an affordable single-sample loader, or an integrated multi-well sample tray option, enabling worry-free walkaway acquisition of up to 96 samples.

No sheath fluid—direct sampling using the easyCyte patented microcapillary system

All easyCyte Systems use a unique, microcapillary flow cell for easy operation and minimal maintenance.

  • Microcapillary technology allows for direct sampling by aspiration, eliminating the need for sheath fluid (see figure). As a result, the instrument is very compact in size and simple to operate.
  • The flow cell is self-analyzing, and can be easily removed for cleaning—say goodbye to delays during acquisition due to clogged flow cells. This feature makes the easyCyte Systems beneficial for measuring a wide variety of cells and particles.
Guava easyCyte Sheath Fluid

Direct absolute counts without reference beads

Absolute cell counts are a distinct advantage of direct sampling, and automatic cell enumeration is obtained from every sample acquired on an easyCyte cytometer. A positive-displacement syringe pump enables not only direct sampling, but can adjust the flow rate as well to ensure clear data from a range of sample titers.

Sample handling formats for both tubes and 96-well plates

Guava easyCyte HT 4th Generation

Automated sampling for 96-well plates

The easyCyte HT series enables walkaway sample handling and acquisition for higher-throughput assays using a built-in, automated 96-well plate loader tray, which can hold a 96-well plate as well as 10 sample tubes. To ensure that cells stay in suspension during sampling, a rotating, variable-speed mixing paddle with auto-cleaning is used between each well, so there is no need for manual resuspension after loading the plate. This virtually eliminates carryover between samples, and mixes more efficiently than shaking plate holder formats.

Single sample loading for tubes

For manual sample handling in a cost-effective format, we offer the easyCyte Instrument with its rotating sample tube loader. The manual loader holds two separate tubes, allowing the user to progress quickly from one sample to another, or to wash between samples following an acquisition.

Guava easyCyte SL 4th Generation

Compatible with many common fluorochromes and fluorescent reagents

Thoughtful laser and detector selection ensures that easyCyte Instruments are compatible with familiar and trusted fluorophores, as well as many of the newer dyes that offer advantages, such as increased brightness and photostability.

Pre-calibrated instruments that need no adjustment

The performance of every easyCyte instrument has been calibrated and optimized to ensure instrument-to-instrument reproducibility. This means that there is no user-adjustment necessary.

Quality control of daily performance

The Guava® easyCheck™ Kit is used to verify system performance and maintain daily quality control before running any assays, and is superior to instrument calibration for this purpose. The kit consists of easyCheck standardized fluorescent beads and diluent, facilitating the assessment of accurate counting and fluorescence detection. The easyCheck Kit is included with all instruments to enable daily routine signal optimization and quality control.

Guava easyCyte Instrument Performance

The easyCyte format is compact and offers many innovations in optical performance and software.

Precise and accurate absolute cell counting

Guava easyCyte Systems combine microcapillary flow with a precision pump to provide accurate and precise absolute counts—without the use of reference beads. Absolute counts can be done using cellular or bead samples.

Using the ViaCount™ Reagent and module allows for the determination of live, apoptotic, and dead cells. Linear and accurate results can be seen across the multiple concentrations and on a variety of cell and sample types.

Guava easyCyte Precise and Accurate Absolute Cell Counting

8-peak rainbow beads

Spherotech® 8-color beads analyzed on the Guava easyCyte Systems demonstrate the instrument’s proficiency for resolving adjacent fluorophores in multiple detection channels.

8-Peak Rainbow Beads: Green Fluorescence - 488 nm laser
8-Peak Rainbow Beads: Yellow Fluorescence - 488 nm laser
8-Peak Rainbow Beads: Red Fluorescence - 488 nm laser
8-Peak Rainbow Beads: NIR Fluorescence - 488 nm laser
8-Peak Rainbow Beads: Red Fluorescence - 642 nm laser
8-Peak Rainbow Beads: Blue Fluorescence - 405 nm laser

Superior small particle bead detection

The easyCyte Systems have been shown to detect particles as small as 0.2 µm—a significant improvement over typical flow cytometers. This increased resolution and sensitivity allows for better separation, making gating and identification of dim populations easier. These capabilities may prove particularly useful for researchers analyzing particulates, beads, bacteria, and algae. Acquisition of a mixture of beads of known sizes demonstrates the ability of easyCyte Instruments to detect and discriminate particles as small as 0.2 µm.

Superior small particle bead detection

Consistent sample results across an entire plate with sample mixing

To ensure that cells stay in suspension during sampling, a rotating, variable-speed mixing paddle with auto-cleaning is used between each well, eliminating the need for manual resuspension after loading the plate.

Evaluation of well-to-well consistency with sample mixing for a 96-well plate. Sample concentrations were within the acceptable range for all samples within the plate.

Guava easyCheck beads were diluted at 1.0 x 106 cells/mL and placed into all wells of a 96-well plate. The plate was then spun at 150 x g for 5 minutes to mimic settling. Each well was acquired and concentrations were determined. Results show the concentrations for each well (solid line) as well as +/- 10% values (dotted lines).

The mixing feature virtually eliminates carryover between samples and mixes more efficiently than shaking plate holder formats. Data shown below confirms that carryover is minimized with this format.

  Plate 1 Plate 2 Plate 3 Plate 4 Plate 5
Carryover 0.15% ± 0.17% ± 0.21% ± 0.23% ± 0.22% ±
Percentage 0.01 0.17 0.08 0.07 0.04

Immunological phenotyping using the 8-color assay

The easyCyte 12HT System accurately discriminates eight different fluorochromes within a single assay.

Guava easyCyte Immunological Phenotyping

Flow Cytometry Applications

Benchtop flow cytometry from Luminex offers rapid access to insightful cellular analysis that you can apply to diverse research areas, including immunology and molecular biology. Because the systems are easy to use and affordable to operate, you can achieve more productive research. Moreover, you can now analyze a variety of cell types, from small bacteria to algae, yeast, plant, and mammalian cells.

The following applications are readily achieved using 3-12 parameter analysis with Guava easyCyte Benchtop Flow Cytometers:

  • BioProcess
  • Biosynthesis
  • Cell Biology
  • Cell Health
  • Immunology
  • Screening
  • Stem Cell Research

Explore Our Kits for Flow Cytometry

Guava flow cytometry kits are designed for the analysis of cellular events and cell phenotypes. Each kit has a unique combination of directly conjugated antibodies and/or fluorescent dyes and protein reporters to monitor changes in protein expression, protein location, and post-translational modification.

View all of our available kits and reagents.

GuavaSoft™ – Intuitive and Flexible Software

Your specific research needs are always changing, which is why Luminex’s optimized software modules are flexible enough to accommodate you at every level.

GuavaSoft Software

The GuavaSoft™ Software Package consists of two acquisition and analysis platforms:

  • Guava® InCyte™ Software Package enables easy data visualization in a broad biological context to run your own optimized assays.
  • Assay-specific modules available for all Luminex assays, including count and viability, cell cycle, mitochondrial potential, and apoptosis assays.

The GuavaSoft Software Package provides an intuitive user interface and offers acquisition, instrument set-up, and robust analysis capabilities in every dedicated software module. You can export to spreadsheets or utilize any third-party analysis format. 21 CFR part 11 enabling features are included. easyCheck™ is also included with the software for convenient QC of the instrument and Guava Clean—a cleaning function to automate cleaning routines.

Guava® InCyte™ Software

Guava InCyte is a flexible software package designed to allow the advanced user to setup and analyze an assay quickly, offering unique tools for rapid data comparison and visualization.

InCyte Software is the first analysis package designed specifically to give every user the power to draw conclusions about the biological significance of their data. It has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that makes it possible to visualize and compare up to eight data sets at the same time. The software is ideally suited for interrogation of high-content data sets derived from multiple functional studies, such as those commonly employed during compound screening and target identification.

Guava InCyte brings a new level of analytical power to flow cytometry, enabling users to analyze an entire plate of data in no time. In addition, data acquisition is fully incorporated, so acquisition and analysis can be performed on the same instrument. Most importantly, comparative results are displayed at the experiment level, rather than on an individual well or sample basis.

Guava InCyte features:

  • Drag and drop gating from one plot to another
  • View up to 24 plots at once
  • Real-time plot adjustments
  • Organize acquired data sets and select individual wells for display
  • Easily create analysis templates
  • Quickly link to and review previously analyzed data
  • Slider bars set cut-offs or threshold values for each experimental sector
  • Combine groups of data and analysis templates
  • Heat map shows values across an entire plate
  • Easily generate IC50/EC50 curves within the software
  • Multiple compensation features, including manual, automated, and gain-independent compensation
  • Flow detection on automated systems
  • Optional interface for robotic integration
  • 21 CFR part 11 enabling features
Guava InCyte Software Features

Guava InCyte Software heat map and IC50/EC50

Guava InCyte Software HeLa Cells heat map

HeLa cells in microtiter plates were treated with multiple cytotoxic compounds for 24 hours. Cells were stained using Guava MitoDamage, MitoCaspase, or MitoStress kits. Cells were analyzed on the Guava® platform, and percent population data was compared in a heat map format using Guava InCyte Software. InCyte Software allowed for the quick identification of hit compounds, as well as the comparison of all 5 parameters simultaneously as shown in the pie charts above. The figure shows the data for the 80 compounds on both cell lines.

IC50 determination using the Cytochrome c Kit and analyzed with the built-in IC50/EC50 curve-fitting feature of Guava InCyte. Cells were analyzed on the Guava® easyCyte™ 8HT. Plot A shows the drag-and-drop gating strategy used for the IC50 determination. Plot B shows the IC50 curve results for gambogic acid, and Plot C shows the EC50 for etoposide. The once complex task of finding the IC50 or EC50 for a compound is now performed with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Guava Software Plots for IC50/EC50

Guava Modules — Designed for Ease of Use

Guava modules use an interface which enables easy sample acquisition.

Get to the most meaningful data more quickly. Optimized for each assay, Guava assay-specific software modules display only the plots and statistics you need. Each software module acquires and analyzes data, then exports results to a database without additional user intervention. This integrated, automated process makes your cell analysis both easier and more accurate.


  • One-click acquisition and analysis
  • Pre-set plot templates specific to assay
  • Friendly interface with step-by-step guide
  • Assay results with statistics automatically calculated and displayed to minimize error
  • Sample volume tracking
  • Accurate cell counts without reference beads
Guava easyCyte Software Modules

Guava Software Downloads

If you are looking for the Guava Suite Software 4.0 Upgrade, please contact Technical Support.

64-bit Software release for 3rd Generation Guava® easyCyte™ and Guava® easyCyte™ HT Systems

Guava® Suite Software 3.4 Software (64-bit)

Version Operating System Update Description Download Software Updates
Guava® Suite Software 3.4 Windows (64‑bit) NEW Software Modules:
  • Introduction of Guava® InCyte™ Single Sample Analysis Mode
  • Event Logging enabled in Guava® InCyte™ Analysis Mode
  • Please see the Guava® Suite Software 3.4 Release Notes for further details on new features and addressed issues

Download Now

Guava® Suite Software 3.4   Release Notes

Download Notes

NOTE: Guava Suite Software version 3.4 is NOT intended for use on the 1st- or 2nd- generation Guava easyCyte, Guava easyCyte HT 5, 6, 6-2L, and 8 Systems, or on other previous versions of Guava Systems. Please see the Guava Suite Software 3.4 Release Notes for further details.

NOTE: For acquisition purposes, Guava Suite Software version 3.4 is intended for use only on Luminex-supplied computers with 64-bit Windows 10.

For the 32-bit Software release for 2nd- and 3rd-Generation Guava easyCyte and Guava easyCyte HT Systems, please contact Technical Support.

Guava® easyCyte™ Training, Support, and Service

As part of Luminex’s comprehensive flow cytometry solutions, our service packages offer post-warranty support, and allow you to select the level of hardware, application, and software support that best fits your needs.

Instrument Service Plans1

  One-Year Instrument Warranty Complete Service Plan Intermediate Service Plan Basic Service Plan
Unlimited On-Site Service2    
Service Repair Visit3      
Annual Preventative Maintenance Service Visit4  
Repair Parts 20% Discount5 10% Discount
Trained and Authorized Service Technicians
Technical Support –
Telephone and Online
Priority Service Scheduling    
Firmware Updates  

Technical Support*

In addition to service support, our worldwide Technical Support Team can help you any time by email or telephone. Their combined expertise enables them to answer questions beyond hardware and software, as well as to help address any cellular analysis challenges you face. If your concern cannot be addressed by our Technical Support Team on the telephone, we will schedule a visit from a Field Service Engineer or Field Applications Specialist.

* This service is only available for customers under contract or warranty.

Please contact [email protected] or download our brochure for more information on our service and support packages, as well as training options.

Additional Services

The following services are outside of the Luminex service plans mentioned above and are subject to additional fees.

Application Training Visit

Application training and post-sales application support is provided by instrument Field Application Scientists in an on-site training visit. These highly qualified scientists have expertise in both flow cytometry and the entire Luminex portfolio of flow cytometers, kits, and reagents. An Application Training Visit covers instrument maintenance and acquisition, and provides additional details regarding the functionality of InCyte™ Software using application-specific examples. Introductory (one half-day) and Advanced (one full-day) training visits are available, and can be tailored to the experience and needs of the laboratory.

Please consider an Advanced Training Visit if you need additional training on the system, software, or Guava® kits, as our instrument Field Application Scientists are available to assist you.

Installation Qualification and Operation Qualification (IQ/OQ)

Our qualification services verify whether your instrument is working according to manufacturer’s specifications. This provides added peace of mind that your instrument is producing high-quality data. A Luminex Field Service Engineer will come to your site to perform the testing and provide the necessary documentation for regulatory compliance.

Instrument System Relocation

If you would like to relocate your Guava® easyCyte™ instrument, please call Technical Support to schedule a Field Service Engineer to assist with the relocation. Moving a Guava easyCyte instrument without proper procedures could negatively impact system performance and void your one-year instrument warranty, per Luminex’s terms and conditions of sale.

Please contact Technical Support for more information.

Customer Support

Toll Free +800 29 39 49 59
Local +31 73 800 1900
Toll Free (International) +1 800 2939 4959
Email [email protected]

Optimize Your Fluorophore Selection

This Spectra Viewer can be used for any of our flow or imaging flow cytometers. Simply select your instrument, configuration, and fluorochromes to view the excitation and emission spectra specific to your instrument.

  1. Not all service plans are available in all countries. For more information, please contact Service Sales at [email protected]. Standard Luminex policy requires instruments with a lapse in service coverage to be recertified by Luminex prior to commencing a service plan. The recertification fee includes travel and three hours of labor. Additional hours of labor and parts used during the recertification will be invoiced. Additional Services are not covered by any service plan.
  2. Parts, labor, and travel are included for all service visits under the Complete Service Plan.
  3. Parts, labor, and travel are included for the first Service Repair Visit in addition to the one Annual Preventative Maintenance Service Visit.
  4. Parts, labor, and travel are included for the one (1) Annual Preventative Maintenance Service Visit.
  5. Parts discount of 20% for subsequent repair visits. Labor and travel not included.

Guava® easyCyte™ Flow Cytometer Ordering Information

SL Instruments

Product Part Number
Guava® easyCyte™ 5 Base System 0500-5005
Guava® easyCyte™ 5HPL Base System 0500-5009
Guava® easyCyte™ 6-2L Base System 0500-5007
Guava® easyCyte™ 8 Base System 0500-5008
Guava® easyCyte™ BG Base System 0500-5015
Guava® easyCyte™ 11 Base System 0500-5020
Guava® easyCyte™ BGR Base System 0500-5025
Guava® easyCyte™ 12 Base System 0500-5012
Guava® easyCyte™ BGV Base System 0500-5030

HT Instruments

Product Part Number
Guava® easyCyte™ 5HT Base System 0500-4005
Guava® easyCyte™ 5HT HPL Base System 0500-4009
Guava® easyCyte™ 6HT-2L Base System 0500-4007
Guava® easyCyte™ 8HT Base System 0500-4008
Guava® easyCyte™ HT BG Base System 0500-4015
Guava® easyCyte™ 11HT Base System 0500-4020
Guava® easyCyte™ HT BGR Base System 0500-4025
Guava® easyCyte™ 12HT Base System 0500-4012
Guava® easyCyte™ HT BGV Base System 0500-4030

System Maintenance Reagents

Product Instrument Type Part Number
Guava® Instrument Cleaning Fluid (ICF) All Guava® Products 4200-0140
Guava® Check Kit EasyCyte™, PCA, and EasyCyte™ Plus 4500-0020
Guava® easyCheck™ Kit (100 tests) easyCyte™ & easyCyte™ HT Series 4500-0025

Kits and Assays

Product Category Part Number
Guava® ViaCount™ Reagent (40 mL) Cell health 4000-0040
Guava® ViaCount™ Reagent (240 mL) Cell health 4000-0041
Guava® ViaCount™ Flex Reagent (100 tests) Cell health 4500-0110
Guava® ViaCount™ Flex Reagent (500 tests) Cell health 4700-0060
Guava® ViaCount™ Cell Dispersal Reagent Cell health 4700-0050
Guava® MitoDamage Kit Cell health FCCH100106
Guava® Express 7-AAD Reagent Cell health 4000-0061
Guava® DNA Damage Histone H2A.X Dual Detection Kit Cell health FCCS025153
Guava® Histone H2A.X Dual Detection Kit Cell pathways FCCS100182
Guava® Autophagy LC3 Antibody-Based Detection Kit Cell health, Cell pathways, Autophagy FCCH100171
Guava® Annexin Red Kit Cell health, Early apoptosis FCCH100108
Guava® Nexin® Reagent Kit (100 tests) Cell health, Early apoptosis 4500-0450
Guava® Nexin® Reagent Kit (500 tests) Cell health, Early apoptosis 4500-0455
Guava® Cell Cycle Reagent Kit Cell health, Cell cycle 4500-0220

Key Accessories

Product Instrument Type Part Number
Flow Cell*, Guava® easyCyte™ HT Systems, ECHT0500-2260 easyCyte™ HT Series CN-0448-01
Flow Cell*, Guava® easyCyte™ SL Systems, ECSL0500-2270 easyCyte™ Series CN-0444-01
Guava® easyCyte™ Cleaning Solution Vial, SL, ECSL0110-8120 easyCyte™ Series CN-0447-01
Guava® easyCyte™ Waste Vial, SL, ECSL0110-8125 easyCyte™ Series CN-0446-01
Guava® easyCyte™ Cleaning Solution Vial, HT, ECHT0110-5780 easyCyte™ HT Series CN-0450-01
Guava® easyCyte™ Waste Vial, HT, ECHT0110-5790 easyCyte™ HT Series CN-0451-01
Laptop Computer, Guava® easyCyte™, EC0110-8406 easyCyte™ & easyCyte™ HT Series CN-0475-01
Guava® easyCyte™ SL Instrument Shipping Box, ECSL0110-6690 easyCyte™ Series CN-0445-01
Guava® easyCyte™ HT Instrument Shipping Box, ECHT0110-5690 easyCyte™ HT Series CN-0449-01
Guava® easyCyte™ Flow Cell Tightening Tool, EC6000-2410 easyCyte™ & easyCyte™ HT Series CN-0478-01
Guava® easyCyte™ Flow Cell Removal Tool, EC6000-3020 easyCyte™ & easyCyte™ HT Series CN-0479-01
Fuse 110 V (2.5 A, 250 V), EC3000-0860 easyCyte™ & easyCyte™ HT Series CN-0476-01
Fuse 220-240 V (1.6 A, 250 V) X2, EC3000-0990 easyCyte™ & easyCyte™ HT Series CN-0477-01
Guava® easyCyte™ Flow Cell Tightening Tool, EC6000-2410 easyCyte™ & easyCyte™ HT Series CN-0478-01
Guava® easyCyte™ Flow Cell Removal Tool, EC6000-3020 easyCyte™ & easyCyte™ HT Series CN-0479-01
* Flow Cells for newer Guava® easyCyte™ Systems now include Minstac tubing. Please review the Flow Cell product insert guide for correct installation instructions.

Training and Additional Services

Description Part Number
Introductory On-site Guava® easyCyte™ Training, Half-day (up to 3 trainees) CN-0466-01
Advanced On-site Guava® easyCyte™ Training, Full-day (up to 3 trainees) CN-0467-01
Advanced On-site Guava® easyCyte™ Training, Additional Trainee (beyond first three) CN-0468-01
IQ-OQ Guava® easyCyte™ System, On-Site 8000-1998
Guava® easyCyte™ Product Relocation and Installation CN-0469-01
Guava® easyCyte™ Complete Maintenance and Service Plan SLA-EC-COMPLETE
Guava® easyCyte™ Intermediate Maintenance and Service Plan SLA-EC-INTERMED
Guava® easyCyte™ Basic Maintenance and Service Plan SLA-EC-BASIC
Guava® easyCyte™ HT Preventative Maintenance Plan PM-easyCyte-HT
Guava® easyCyte™ SL Preventative Maintenance Plan PM-easyCyte-SL
Ordering information:

The following details will need to be included with your purchase orders in order to process them:

  • Company name
  • Name, phone number, and email address of purchasing agent
  • Name and phone number of the end user
  • Valid purchase order number
  • Quote reference number, where applicable
  • Complete billing and shipping addresses
  • Product number, description, pricing, and quantity
  • Net 30 payment terms or other agreed upon payment terms
  • FOB shipping point or other agreed upon shipping terms

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. This assay method has not been independently evaluated by a third party certifier of government agency. Please contact [email protected] to obtain the appropriate product information for your country of residence.