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Guava® and Muse® flow cytometry kits are designed for the analysis of cellular events and/or cell phenotypes. Each kit has a unique combination of directly conjugated antibodies and/or fluorescent dyes and protein reporters to monitor changes in protein expression, protein location and/or posttranslational modification. Use these tables to find the best kit for your application or instrument.

Amnis® cell imaging kits are available for important cell pathway and drug discovery applications. Amnis imaging flow cytometers are available on two platforms: the FlowSight® Imaging Flow Cytometer, and the ImageStream®X Mk II Imaging Flow Cytometer. Our specialists are here to help determine the best instrument for your research and lab needs.

Instrument Calibration and Maintenance Reagents Instrument Part Number
Amnis® CellStream® Calibration Reagent CellStream CS-400104
Amnis SpeedBead® Kit for ImageStream® ImageStream 400041
Amnis FlowSight® Calibration Reagent FlowSight 400300
Guava Check Kit Guava 4500-0020
Guava easyCheck Kit Guava 4500-0025
Muse System Check Kit Muse MCH100101
Guava Instrument Cleaning Fluid (ICF) Guava/Muse 4200-0140
Amnis® Cell Imaging Kits
Category Kits Part Number
Cell pathways Amnis® NFkB Translocation Kit ACS10000
Drug discovery Amnis Protein Aggregate & Silicone Oil Detection Kit APH10001
Muse® Kits and Assays
Category Kits and Assays Part Number
Cell health Muse Count & Viability Kit 40 mL MCH100102
Cell health Muse Count & Viability Kit 240 mL MCH600103
Cell health Muse Count & Viability Kit (200X) MCH100104
Cell health Muse Annexin V & Dead Cell Kit MCH100105
Cell health Muse Cell Cycle Kit MCH100106
Cell health Muse Cell Dispersal Reagent MCH100107
Cell pathways Muse Caspase-3/7 Kit MCH100108
Cell pathways Muse MultiCaspase Kit MCH100109
Cell pathways, Autophagy Muse Autophagy LC3-Antibody Based Kit MCH200109
Cell health Muse Mitopotential Kit MCH100110
Cell health Muse Oxidative Stress Kit MCH100111
Cell health Muse Nitric Oxide Kit MCH100112
Cell health Muse Ki67 Proliferation Kit MCH100114
Immunology Muse Human CD4 T Cell Kit MIM100101
Immunology Muse Human CD8 T Cell Kit MIM100102
Immunology Muse Human B Cell Kit MIM100103
Cell pathways Muse H2A.X Activation Dual Detection Kit MCH200101
Cell pathways Muse EGFR-RTK Activation Dual Detection Kit MCH200102
Cell pathways Muse PI3K Activation Dual Detection Assay Kit MCH200103
Cell pathways Muse MAPK Activation Dual Detection Assay Kit MCH200104
Cell pathways Muse Bcl-2 Activation Dual Detection Assay Kit MCH200105
Cell pathways Muse Multi-Color DNA Damage Kit MCH200107
Cell pathways Muse PI3K/MAPK Dual Pathway Activation Kit MCH200108
Malaria Research Muse Malaria P.f-P.v. Detection Kit MPA100101
Guava® Kits and Assays
Category Kits and Assays Part Number
Cell health Guava ViaCount™ Reagent 40 mL 4000-0040
Cell health Guava ViaCount Reagent 240 mL 4000-0041
Cell health Guava ViaCount Flex Reagent 4500-0110
Cell health Guava ViaCount Flex Reagent 4700-0060
Cell health Guava ViaCount Cell Dispersal Reagent 4700-0050
Cell health Guava MitoDamage Kit FCCH100106
Cell health Guava Express 7-AAD Reagent 4000-0061
Cell health Guava DNA Damage Histone H2A.X Dual Detection Kit FCCS025153
Cell pathways Guava H2A.X Phosphorylation Kit FCCS100182
Cell health, Cell pathways, Autophagy Guava Autophagy LC3 Antibody-based Detection Kit FCCH100171
Cell health, Early apoptosis Guava Annexin Red Kit FCCH100108
Cell health, Early apoptosis Guava Nexin Reagent (100 Tests) 4500-0450
Cell health, Early apoptosis Guava Nexin Reagent (500 Tests) 4500-0455
Cell health, Cell cycle Guava Cell Cycle Reagent 4500-0220

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Luminex flow cytometers and cellular analysis instruments give you instant access to all facets of cellular phenotypes and morphology.

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In addition to service support, our worldwide technical support team is available by email and telephone.

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