Riverview Health Shares How They Are Managing Antibiotic Resistance Through Improved Testing and Teamwork

Riverview Health is a full-service, CLIA certified, and CAP accredited laboratory. They provide clinical testing services for hospitalized patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and serve as a reference laboratory for doctors’ offices and extended care facilities throughout central Indiana.

Diagnostic labs require accurate testing and rapid turnaround time

Riverview is unique for a hospital of their size because they have a dedicated microbiology lab and do not have to send testing out to reference labs. This gives them greater flexibility than larger hospitals, enabling them to make decisions more rapidly and bring in technologies that will ultimately deliver better patient outcomes. By keeping their testing services in-house, they have a faster turnaround time for patients and physicians. Further, Riverview provides reference lab services to two small hospitals and nine long-term care facilities. Of the seven hospitals in Hamilton County, they are the only one with a full-service lab.

In this video, the team at Riverview Health shares how their use of the VERIGENE® System and associated assays have strengthened the relationship between researchers, pharmacists, and physicians throughout the hospital. Data generated using the VERIGENE assays reduces the administration of unnecessary antibiotics, which benefits the patients, as well as the community as a whole.

Automated molecular diagnostics are improving patient care

Since adopting the VERIGENE System, the Riverview staff has seen a significant improvement in their sample to answer turnaround time and the rapid results have helped increase the efficiency of making treatment decisions for patients.. Moreover, the Antibiotic Stewardship Team shares the results with the attending physicians, who then implement more targeted therapies for patients, reducing the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Given the threat of antibiotic resistant infections and the implications of continued use of unnecessary antibiotics, the VERIGENE System and assays are helping to pave the way for improved patient care by enabling more rapid and accurate diagnoses and refining the diagnostic workflow.

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Riverview Health Shares How They Are Managing Antibiotic Resistance Through Improved Testing and Teamwork