Magnetic Avidin-Coupled Beads Can Streamline Your Multiplex Workflow

Performance comparison shows equivalent results to non-magnetic beads, with minimal variability

If you use the FLEXMAP 3D® System, the Luminex® 200™ System, or the MAGPIX® System, you probably already know that we have been introducing magnetic versions of beads for those systems. Magnetic microspheres offer a big advantage by eliminating the need for a filter plate in the sample preparation process, so there’s a streamlined protocol with less hands-on work and better bead recovery than is possible with non-magnetic beads.

Recently, we completed a detailed comparison of the performance of the magnetic and non-magnetic versions of our avidin-coupled beads (the MagPlex®-Avidin and LumAvidin microspheres, respectively). The magnetic beads can be used for all the same applications as the non-magnetic beads and, unlike the non-magnetic beads, they can be used across all three types of Luminex xMAP® systems. This is also the first time that MAGPIX users have had the option of using Luminex-manufactured Avidin coupled beads.

Demonstrated Overall Consistency

In our analysis, we ran experiments to evaluate the binding of biotinylated phycoerythrin at various concentrations on different sets of microspheres on multiple days. For each microsphere type, the same five target regions were selected to represent regions across the 50-plex bead map. Results showed that the MagPlex-Avidin microspheres performed consistently across target regions and across days of testing, and that they operated just as well as the LumAvidin microspheres.

In the following figure, each line is an average of all five regions on two days. Mean and standard deviation results for the five binding reactions per bead type on two days are shown. Each data point represents the average of 30 measurements (triplicates from one binding reaction per region for five regions on each of two days).


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Please contact your Luminex sales representative to learn more. The only additional piece of equipment you’ll need is a magnetic separator instead of the filter plate. We think you’ll like the easier workflow and reduced bead loss!

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