ARIES® User-Defined Protocol (UDP) Capability
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ARIES® Ready Mix Kit

Integrate and simplify user-defined protocols using intuitive software and reagents

Luminex offers a broad menu of Research Use Only (RUO)* products for user-defined protocols used in research laboratories.


The ARIES® System offers:

  • Menu consolidation onto a single testing platform
  • Streamlined workflow to minimize hands-on time
  • Reduced risk for user error with internal barcoding and Position Independent Results
  • Walk-away functionality for easy integration into a lean molecular laboratory

ARIES® Extraction Kit


The ARIES® Extraction Kit enables users to take advantage of automation provided by the ARIES System.


Designed for nucleic acid extraction and purification, the ARIES® Extraction Kit offers:

  • Universal extraction of both DNA and RNA targets with a single cassette from a variety of sample types
  • Internal sample processing controls to verify sample lysis, nucleic acid extraction, and proper system and reagent performance
  • Walkaway processing, once the specimen is added to the sample chamber


For more information, download the ARIES® Extraction Kit product sheet.



The ARIES® UDP app is an application that can be installed in SYNCT™ Software, allowing customers to create assay protocol files for running Luminex ASR primers.


The workflow to create customized assay protocol files is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Define targets—Define targets on any of 1-6 channels, including Sample Processing Controls (SPC)
  2. Set thermal cycling—Set thermal cycling conditions or leave as the default Luminex universal cycling conditions to run assay in same batch as Luminex IVD assays
  3. Gather data and set call parameters—Gather data to graphically set Ct and Tm windows used in making call determination
  4. Save and run—Save new assay protocol file, export to the ARIES® System, and start running assays


For more information, download the ARIES® UDP App product sheet.

ARIES® MultiCode® Ready Mix


The ARIES® Multicode® Ready Mix is an easy to use solution designed for all User Defined Protocols performed on the ARIES® System. The universal master mix attaches directly to the ARIES® Extraction Cassettes eliminating the need for thawing, bulk preparation, and pipetting.


  • Universal DNA/RNA Multicode® compatible master mix
  • Lyophilized for customer convenience
  • Ready to use pre-dispensed reagents drive efficiency and cost savings
  • Minimize prep time by adding primers and controls directly into the tube
  • Individually sealed to fit unique throughput and workflow of lab
Product Part Number Kit Size
ARIES® Extraction Kit (CE-IVD)

Includes: Extraction Cassettes (24), ARIES® Extraction Protocol File, Package Insert, and empty ARIES® PCR Tubes

50-10028 24 Cassettes
ARIES® Extraction Cassettes (CE-IVD) 50-10026 24 Cassettes
ARIES Extraction Kit (RUO)

Includes: Extraction Cassettes (24), ARIES® Extraction Protocol File, Package Insert, and empty ARIES® PCR Tubes

50-10027 24 Cassettes
ARIES® Extraction Cassettes (Reorder Kit, RUO) 50-10005 24 Cassettes
MHV Control Primers 1 (RUO) 3400 100 µL
MHV Control Primers 2 (RUO) 3401 100 µL
MHV Control Primers 3 (RUO) 3402 100 µL
MHV Control Primers 4 (RUO) 3405 100 µL
SYNCT Software 1.1.181 (CE-IVD) CN-SW47-01 N/A
ARIES® MultiCode® Ready Mix (GPR) 3696 24 Tubes

* This product is for Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures. Please contact Luminex at [email protected] to obtain the appropriate product information for your country of residence.