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Supporting Your Imaging Flow Cytometer

Support and Training

Luminex customer service is committed to assisting you in obtaining optimum performance and value from your investment. Our customer service staff is available Monday-Friday in more than 15 countries worldwide, each with trained support personnel on hand to facilitate your needs.

To help you get the most from your instrument, Luminex offers a comprehensive service program to support and protect your investment with the help of trained specialists and technical support representatives. Our standard one-year warranty gets you started with the full-coverage Service Total Plan for the first year of ownership. Beyond the first-year warranty, we offer extended service solutions for comprehensive Service Total coverage of your instrument and flexible Service Advanced or Service Essential plans to fit your budget.

Instrument Service Plans and Training are available. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Learn more about our service plans here.

Luminex Customer Center

Benefits through the Luminex Customer Center include:

  • Access to hundreds of resources in our knowledgebase, including access to Luminex Learning
  • AMNIS IDEAS Software support
  • Service request forms for orders and support

Customers will need to register for an account through the Luminex Customer Center to access the new portal. Click here to register.

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Customer Support
Email [email protected]
U.S. +1 877 785 2323
Outside the U.S. +1 512 381 4397
EMEA +31 (0)73 800 1900
China +86 21 802 31150
Japan +81 03 5545 7444
Supplies and Reagents
SpeedBead® Kit ImageStream®X Amnis® Part Number 400041
Calibration Beads FlowSight® Amnis Part Number 400300
Sterilizer 0.4-0.7% Hypochlorite VWR Part Number JT9416-1
Cleanser Coulter Clenz® Beckman Coulter Part Number 8546929
Debubbler 70% Isopropanol Millipore Part Number 1.37040
Sheath D-PBS,
no Ca or Mg
Millipore Part Number BSS-1006-B (1X)
Calbiochem Part Number 6506 (10X)
96-well Plate Autosampler Corning 3790
Pierceable Plate Cover Autosampler Sigma XP-100

Note: The use of the recommended reagents is required for proper operation of the instruments. Part numbers are provided for information only. Other sources of the same reagent may be used.

Optimize Your Fluorophore Selection

This Spectra Viewer can be used for any of our flow or imaging flow cytometers. Simply select your instrument, configuration, and fluorochomes to view the excitation and emission spectra specific to your instrument.

Flow Cytometry and Imaging

Luminex flow cytometers and cellular analysis instruments give you instant access to all facets of cellular phenotypes and morphology.

Amnis CellStream
Amnis FlowSight
Amnis ImageStreamX Mk II
Guava easyCyte
Guava Muse

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Amnis imaging flow cytometers combine flow cytometry and microscopy.

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