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Luminex’s growing product portfolio and diverse channel to customers provides an opportunity for companies to resell the world’s leading multiplex platform and a wide range of Luminex assays built on xMAP® Technology. As a result of the dynamic business model that Luminex has created, these products are available for purchase in key geographic areas and market segments through a well-established distribution network.


Important to the strength and expansion of this sales channel are both distribution companies with a longstanding, committed presence in a specific region or market segment, and Luminex as a manufacturer of innovative products. Luminex offers instrumentation based on a proven, open architecture design and multiple pioneering assay products.

xMAP Technology has Become the Standard in Multiplexing

  • Nucleic acid or protein based applications
  • More than 10,000 Luminex instruments installed globally
  • Multiple first in class FDA cleared and CE marked products
  • xMAP Technology customers include major clinical laboratories, large and small pharmaceutical companies and life science research facilities