Amnis® CellStream® Software

Ultra-high sensitivity and flexibility

Amnis® CellStream® Software Features


Flow Cytometry Software That is Intuitive and Easy to Use


CellStream® Acquisition and Analysis Software provides an intuitive and easy to use interface, enabling you to focus on your experiments and your data. A unique event gallery provides visual verification of cell populations and aids in troubleshooting. The software also includes 21 CFR Part 11, enabling features for quality control and data integrity essential in regulated environments.




CellStream® Acquisition & Analysis Software

  • Full suite of data display and analysis tools
  • Quickly create analysis templates
  • Simple and customizable setup of single tube or plate experiments
  • Walkaway acquisition of 96 samples
  • Unique camera-enabled features: Event Gallery and Aspect Ratio for visual verification, troubleshooting, and doublet discrimination
  • Intuitive control of plotting parameters and thresholds
  • Organize acquired data sets and select individual wells for display
  • Automated daily system cleaning and calibration
  • 21 CFR Part 11-enabling features
  • Real-time plot adjustments


Unique Event Gallery Feature is Unlike Any Other Non-imaging Flow Cytometer


Real-time Event Gallery

  • Low resolution images of your cells in flow
  • Verification of suspected populations
  • Aids in troubleshooting


Discriminate Doublets

  • Aspect ratio feature allows for visual confirmation
  • Clear resolution between singlet, doublet, and aggregate events
  • Calculated for each channel


Flow Cytometry and Imaging

Luminex flow cytometers and cellular analysis instruments give you instant access to all facets of cellular phenotypes and morphology.

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