The Faces of Luminex: Simone Nudds, Field Applications

When new customers are getting up and running with their Luminex systems, they rely heavily on the field applications team for training and support. Simone Nudds, who joined the company three years ago, serves as Field Applications Specialist for the UK and Ireland. She earned her bachelor’s degree in biomedical science from the University of East London, and her master’s in clinical microbiology from Queen Mary University of London.

Simone Nudds, Field Applications

Q: What are your responsibilities at Luminex?

A: I sit between the sales team and the engineers and support. I am involved in sales, going to sales meetings, and answering technical questions. When the customer is interested in looking at our product, I do a lab walk-through to make sure they’re ready. Then, I handle training. We’re quite hands-on in the first few weeks to make sure everything’s running well and they’re happy with what they’re seeing. Later, customers tend to come to us if there’s a problem or if they have questions, and either we help them out or we direct them to support and engineering.

Q: How did you get into field applications?

A: I’m more used to being on the other side of things. I did my training as a biomedical scientist and worked in a clinical lab in London for nearly nine years. I was ready to move up in the lab but didn’t see a place for myself, so I looked for something different.

Q: What kind of work did the lab do?

A: It was an NHS lab at University College London Hospital. It started off as the virology lab, but by the time I left, we were more of the molecular lab. We handled everything from general stuff like screening hepatitis or HIV to the obscure things that people don’t normally look for.

Q: What got you interested in the opportunity with Luminex?

A: When I was in the lab, I was in charge of training new staff members. I enjoyed that. So coming to Luminex for the mixture of still being able to do lab work and being able to train people was a really interesting and exciting opportunity. I had never worked with Luminex products before but had heard about them. While I was studying for my master’s degree, a lecturer talked about an amazing product that could test more than 20 viruses in one go. Everyone in the room gasped, and it turns out that was a Luminex test!

Q: If you could solve any clinical or genetic challenge, what would it be?

A: It would have to be the big one, cancer. I get asked a lot by family and friends why we struggle so much to fix cancer. It’s just so complex.

Q: If you weren’t a field applications specialist at Luminex, where would you be?

A: Now and then, I think I’d love to be a florist or live on a farm—something completely different, very outdoorsy and involving animals or plants.

Q: What is something about you that no one at Luminex knows?

A: I’m an avid skier. After my scientific training, I quit my job and went off to the Alps to work for the season. I spent winters working in ski resorts and summers working in hospitals. I like extreme sports

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in London on the weekend?

A: I like to be out of the house, so I enjoy going for a walk, visiting friends, or even just running errands. We do a lot of pop-up events where it’s only happening for a single weekend. Last week, we had a food festival. You have to make time for it, because it may never happen again!

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