METHODS Journal: A New Multiplexing Protocol Performs Protein and Gene Level Measurements on a Single Luminex Platform

Researchers demonstrate a high-throughput method for measuring mRNA and proteins using the Luminex xMAP® Platform

Methods Journal: A New Multiplexing Protocol Performs Protein and Gene Level Measurements on a Single Luminex Platform

You shouldn’t have to choose between analyzing gene expression or screening for proteins. In a Methods publication, researchers demonstrate how to measure mRNA expression and analyze proteins with a single sample set using Luminex xMAP® Technology.

The article comes from lead author Damon Cook, senior author Thao Sebata, and collaborators at Thermo Fisher Scientific. While it is well-known that multi-dimensional data sets are widely valuable, the authors note that there are obstacles generating and utilizing them using conventional technology. “Bottlenecks to traditional immunoassays and gene expression assays include large sample consumption, time-consuming experimental procedures, and complex data analysis,” the team reports. A better approach—they add—would “ideally be able to work with different types of starting material, and make maximum use of often precious, difficult to obtain, and limited clinical tissue samples.”

The scientists turned to xMAP Technology for multiplex analysis of proteins and mRNA expression. “Using xMAP technology to measure secreted protein and mRNA expression levels on a Luminex instrument … overcomes previous limitations, as these assays are sensitive, specific to a target, and quality control-tested for the end-user,” they write.

For this protocol, the team paired the QuantiGene™ Human 80-plex Panel for measuring gene expression with the ProcartaPlex™ Human Immune Monitoring 65-plex Panel for analysis of corresponding proteins. The assays require a low sample volume and enable high-throughput analysis of targets. Both assays were prepared from a single sample and then run on the Luminex xMAP multiplexing platform.

“Often, measurement of mRNA expression or protein levels alone may not tell a complete story, as mRNA expression levels may not translate to protein,” the scientists note. “Our study demonstrated [that] a single sample can provide both gene expression and protein profiles.”


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