Meet SYNCT™: Simpler Software that Does More for Your Clinical Lab

August 18th, 2016 / Kevin Welling

Connecting your instrument to the LIS has never been easier

Clinical labs tell us that one of their biggest concerns is the inefficiency created by software and information systems that don’t talk to each other. It often takes a laboratory’s IT department anywhere from three to six months to integrate an instrument to their laboratory information system (LIS). Lab directors waste thousands of steps every day checking test results within the lab. Why can’t details of a run including the run curves be available on the computer in their office? Why do labs have to associate samples to consumables while standing at the instrument? Why can’t this association be done at the time samples are added to consumables?

Introducing SYNCT

SYNCT™ Software is our response to this situation. A middleware that connects ARIES® Systems to the laboratory’s LIS—SYNCT provides a single interface that makes it possible to view detailed test and other instrument data from anywhere on the network, including test data and graphs. Our customers with satellite labs at remote facilities have been particularly excited about this since it enables their directors to view all ARIES® data as it’s generated without traveling to each lab. Lab directors can view and approve results before they are reported to the LIS, even for remote lab testing.

Plug-and-Play Integration

SYNCT Software is now available to help our customers manage data generated by ARIES® and NxTAG®-enabled MAGPIX® instruments. With only one interface to learn, and plug-and-play integration for any new Luminex platforms, adding a new Luminex instrument to the lab has never been easier. Just imagine bringing in a completely new test platform with very little effort needed from IT to get a sense of how SYNCT can help simplify lab life.

SYNCT™ Software

Once a SYNCT-enabled system is set up and validated, users can manually enter new test orders—or even link an ARIES® System directly to the institution’s ordering system for a completely automated workflow—and the software pushes that information right to the instrument, so it’s ready to go when the cassette is loaded. This design reduces the steps required for any test and reduces the risk of errors like sample mix-ups. SYNCT Software also lets users create their own assay protocols for laboratory developed tests (LDTs) to run on an ARIES® instrument right alongside IVD assays when using a universal protocol.

At Luminex, we believe one of the best ways to improve patient care is through technology that simplifies laboratory workflow. SYNCT Software is one of many tools we have developed to help clinical labs maximize efficiency, and ensure the most accurate and reproducible results.

Disclaimer: Luminex does not endorse the use of any LDT for diagnostic use.

Learn More about SYNCT™ Software

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use. Products are region specific and may not be approved in some countries/regions. Please contact Luminex at [email protected] to obtain the appropriate product information for your country of residence. Validation of the LIS compatibility must be performed by the user.