Meet Myriad RBM

January 30th, 2018 / Hilary Graham

Offering comprehensive protein biomarker services for over 300 targets

Myriad RBM, Inc. is the world’s leading multiplexed immunoassay development and testing laboratory.

They are also the first Luminex Partner.

We recently visited their site in Austin, Texas, to learn how they partner with biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and academic sponsors to support biomarker testing for clinical trials.

Myriad RBM has developed in-house assays for over 300 biomarker targets that are available on the Multi-Analyte Profiling (MAP) technology platform. Kelley Nitka, Director of Research & Development, notes the rigorous quality standards and procedures are a differentiator for Myriad RBM versus standard central laboratories because of:

  • Bridging between reagents lots: Critical for data quality especially for data reliable in long term clinical trials.
  • Sample processing: Supported by automated protocols.
  • Assay throughput: 45+ xMAP® instruments are interconnected on a network that are tested daily for assay precision.
  • Sample volume requirements: A single sample aliquot allows multiple markers to be simultaneously tested.
  • Scalability on a single platform: xMAP Technology is scalable from discovery (research) to targeted (clinical trials).
  • Bonus biomarkers: Pay to test the requested analytes and receive additional data because the multiplex panels often offer more targets than originally requested; this can results in novel insights that result from targets that weren’t previously known to be clinically relevant.

Luminex Licensed Technologies Partners, such as Myriad RBM, represent a diverse set of market segments, company sizes, and geographies. The versatility of xMAP Technology has supported the launch of thousands of multiplexed immunoassays formatted into commercially available kits and testing services.

Are you deciding on a commercial platform for your immunoassays?