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Our xTAG® and MultiCode®-RTx Technologies serve a wide range of clinical applications, providing exceptional sensitivity and specificity, unmatched throughput flexibility, and increased assay speed.

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Research & Applied Markets

Our xMAP® Technology and its flexible, open-architecture design is used in a wide variety of applications, from academic and clinical research to biodefense and clinical diagnostics.

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Pharmacogenetic Testing:
Reporting Adverse Events

“The FDA thoroughly reviews all safety information collected during clinical studies; however, unexpected and serious side effects can emerge once the drug becomes available to millions…”

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The NxTAG™ Respiratory Pathogen Panel RUO: The next generation closed-tube, molecular assay with comprehensive coverage designed to improve your laboratory workflow.

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“In a year long study by the FSA, #Campylobacter was found in 73% of store-bought chickens:

“Wide Use of Antibiotics Allows C. Diff to Flourish—really good article via @nytimeswell:

“Gut microbes may help determine our immune response to vaccines: via @sciam