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SYNCT™ Software

SYNCT™ Software provides access to all Luminex data in one place, and allows for customizable workflows by connecting all lab workstations

Introducing SYNCT™ Software, a solution designed specifically for the needs of molecular laboratories running ARIES® and NxTAG® assays. SYNCT empowers laboratory directors by offering:


A Streamlined Workflow

  • View and report results from anywhere in the lab.
  • Create and prepare orders from anywhere in the lab.
  • Integrate instruments to the Lab Information System with just a few clicks of a mouse.
  • Allows for division of labor and flexibility to work within your desired lab process.


Increased Data Management

  • Manage results from the ARIES® System, NxTAG®-enabled MAGPIX®, and any next-generation Luminex instruments in one location. Laboratories can access information from decentralized and central facilities through a single interface.
  • “Centralized reporting” decisions allow for higher quality results, because data is accumulated in one place and overseen by the laboratory director.


Easily-Added Functionality

  • Allows the option to easily add applications that provide more functionality and value.
  • Additional functionality is available through SYNCT™ applications. This allows the lab to pick and choose which utilities they want to bring on, reducing validation efforts.