MultiCode® Technology

MultiCode products from Luminex offer a flexible platform for both real-time and multiplex PCR-based assays. MultiCode products are based upon the unique patented MultiCode base pair, isoC and isoG. The synthetic DNA base pair differs from the naturally occurring base-pair in its hydrogen bonding pattern. As a result, the MultiCode bases, isoC and isoG can only hydrogen bond with each other. This property enables site-specific incorporation of the isobases during amplification.


The isoC and isoG MultiCode bases form the building blocks for Luminex’s next generation MultiCode assays for nucleic acid-based testing. MultiCode-based PCR assays are used for the early detection of infectious diseases and genetic-based conditions.

MultiCode-RTx Technology

The superior molecular recognition between MultiCode bases is utilized in MultiCode-RTx technology, a probe-free real-time PCR system that enables detection and/or quantification of nucleic acid-based targets.

MultiCode-RTx technology can support single tube multiplex reactions and utilize controls to monitor the reaction. MultiCode-RTx primers are designed to include a fluorescent reporter in close proximity to an isoC base on the 5' end. MultiCode base isoG covalently attached to a quencher that is present in the reaction mix is incorporated opposite to the isoC during the amplification reaction. Site-specific interaction of the reporter-labeled isoC with the quencher-labeled isoG during amplification produces a decrease in fluorescence. Reporter quenching is reversible and can therefore be used to confirm the presence of target through melting curves.