xMAP® Antibody Coupling Kit


The xMAP Antibody Coupling Kit, or “AbC” kit, is a reagent kit that contains everything a researcher needs to couple an antibody to MagPlex® Microspheres. Similar to an ELISA plate, MagPlex Microspheres can be used as the substrate on which immunoassays can be performed. Unlike a traditional ELISA, however, this assay method requires much less antibody, sample, and time; with equal or better sensitivity and dynamic range.


Since each microsphere is uniquely addressable, multiple immunoassays can be performed simultaneously with the same sample, in the same well. Once your desired antibody is coupled to the surface of the bead you can begin optimizing monoplex or multiplex capture-sandwich immunoassays to suit your needs.

Experience the benefits of immunoassays on xMAP Technology, including:

  • Less sample
  • Less antibody (up to 90% less antibody in some cases*)
  • Less labor
  • Greater reproducibility
  • Equal or better sensitivity and dynamic range

*For more information on how xMAP stacks up against ELISA see the xMAP vs. ELISA White Paper.

Workflow Overview



  • Conveniently includes all reagents and consumables necessary to couple antibodies to MagPlex microspheres
  • Easy to use protocol

NOTE: This kit is limited to antibody coupling and is NOT intended to be a comprehensive assay development kit.

Recommended Complementary Products

  • MagPlex Low Concentration Microspheres (MC100XX-ID) are the perfect amount of beads for assay development.
  • The Luminex Magnetic Tube Separators (CN-0288-01) are ideal for executing the wash steps required in bead coupling.

NOTE: This kit is specifically designed for coupling antibodies to MagPlex microspheres. Please visit the Support Resources to section of the website to learn about coupling nucleic acids, antibodies, and other proteins to both MicroPlex and MagPlex microspheres.



Kit Contents

  • Easy to follow coupling protocol, including guidance on how to assess coupling efficiency
  • Pre-optimized reagents and buffers, including EDC*
  • All required consumables (i.e. reaction tubes and transfer pipettes)

*Note: Kit does NOT include microspheres or antibodies.

Run Times

  • Hands-on time = ~40mins
  • Total turn-around time = ~3hrs

Kit Capacity

  • Small scale: up to 10 reactions of 5x106 beads/reaction or less
  • Large scale: up to 4 reactions of greater then 5x106 beads/reaction
  • Maximum scale is 12.5x106 beads/reaction

Number of Beads That Can Be Coupled Per Kit

  • Maximum: 50x106 beads (4 reactions @ 12.5x106 beads/reaction)
  • Minimum: 2.5x106 beads (1 reaction @ 2.5x106 beads/reaction)

Note: Kit is limited to one time use.

Ordering Information

Online Order Management
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Phone: 1-512-336-3550
Toll Free: 1-866-401-5450
Fax: 1-512-219-0544
Fax: 31-162-408330 (EMEA, India)

Reagent Shipping Policy
xMAP Antibody Coupling Kit orders will usually ship within 3 business days of order receipt.  However, back ordered items may have longer than normal lead times.  All Antibody Coupling Kit orders have a guaranteed minimum shelf life of 1 month from the shipment date. 

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Antibody Coupling Kit Training Courses

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