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Reagents, Microspheres, & Accessories

xMAP® Technology is based on the use of spectrally distinct microspheres or beads to distinguish multiple analytes or targets present in a single sample, simultaneously.  Depending on the Luminex instrument, the application, and the analytes of interest, there are different reagents, bead types, and accessories that can be used to produce the best results. 

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Assay Development Tools

Building your own custom assays on the Luminex platform is a simple and easy process with our assay development tools.  Purchase microsphere reagents from Luminex, supply oligonucleotides or proteins to coat the microspheres and follow our simple protocols to create almost any assay your lab needs.


Luminex offers a variety of different bead types to suit your particular application

Assay Development Reagents

Luminex has created a new product to simplify the assay development process

Instrument Reagents

These instrument specific reagents are used daily, for calibration and instrument operation


To make handling microspheres a little easier, Luminex offers some custom accessories designed for use with xMAP applications

All Purpose

  • MagPlex® Microspheres
    With up to 500 different regions to choose from, improved washing efficiency, no need for expensive filter plates, and now available in low concentrations; these versatile magnetic carboxylated microspheres are the latest addition to our bead lineup.

Nucleic Acid Applications

  • MagPlex-TAG™ Microspheres
    The latest in oligonucleotide coupled beads, these magnetic microspheres are available in 150 different regions.

Protein Applications

  • LumAvidin® Microspheres
    Using these avidin coupled, non-magnetic, microspheres is the easiest way to get your peptide or protein of interest on a bead.
  • SeroMAP Microspheres
    Designed specifically for serological applications, these non-magnetic microspheres can reduce non-specific binding in serology assays.



  • Sheath/Drive Fluid
    These reagents serve as the delivery medium which carries the sample through the instrument's optics.
  • Calibration Kits
    These reagents are used to calibrate the optics of the xMAP instrument.
  • Performance Verification Kits
    These reagents are used to confirm instrument accuracy and verify that the system is operating within specification.
  • Magnetic Plate Separator
    These modified magnetic plates have been especially designed for use with MagPlex xMAP assays.
  • Magnetic Tube Separator
    These magnetic racks can be used to seperate a single reaction tube of beads from solution during coupling reactions or assay wash steps.