Taking the pioneering xMAP® Technology to the next dimension, the FLEXMAP 3D system combines differentially dyed fluorescent microsphere sets with an innovative instrument design to allow multiplexing of up to 500 unique assays within a single sample, both rapidly and precisely.

FLEXMAP 3D Overview

Flexible Multiplexing Platform
Fast read time, broad dynamic range, compatibility with front-end automation and laboratory information systems, and the ability to measure up to 500 genes or proteins from a small sample volume make FLEXMAP 3D Luminex’s most advanced multiplexing platform.

Benefits of FLEXMAP 3D

  • Fast - Higher Throughput
    Dual sample fluidics paths and increased sample injection speed result in a faster sampling rate. The FLEXMAP 3D system can process 384 samples and generate up to 144,000 data points in less than one hour.
  • Flexible - High Plexing Capability
    The FLEXMAP 3D is compatible with magnetic and non-magnetic microspheres and can discriminate up to 500 different microsphere sets. The platform offers a large menu of commercial kits and reagents to develop custom assays in a wide variety of applications including nucleic acid assays, immunoassays, receptor ligand assays and enzymatic assays.
  • Versatile - Automation/LIS Compatibility
    xPONENT® Software controls the FLEXMAP 3D system and offers interfacing options for Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) and front-end automation platforms. The system accommodates 96 and 384-well plate formats for enhanced sample volume flexibility and increased throughput. 
  • Reliable
    The FLEXMAP 3D system has multiple features allowing walk away start-up, shutdown and maintenance operations, and greatly enhances usability for High Throughput Screening (HTS) applications.

The FLEXMAP 3D system is a class 1(I) laser product.

Product Specifications

Multiplexing Capability Up to 500 individual analytes
Dynamic Range > 4.5 logs
Physical Dimensions 58.4 cm W x 63.5 cm D x 54.7 cm H (23” W x 25.7” D x 18” )
Weight No more than 200 lbs (91 Kg)
Plate Heater Operating Range 35 – 60ºC (95 - 131ºF)
System Warm Up* 30 minutes
Sheath Fluid Pressure 8 – 13 psi
Sample Injection Rate 2 μl/second
Sample Uptake Volume 10 – 200 μl
Classification Laser 638 nm
Reporter Laser 532 nm
Reporter Detector 565nm – 585nm

 * The FLEXMAP 3D system is a class 1(I) laser product.

xPONENT® Software Solutions

Data Acquisition and Analysis for Luminex Instrumentation
xPONENT is a modular, flexible, software package for control of the MAGPIX®, Luminex® 100/200™ and FLEXMAP 3D. The software’s graphical user interface follows the typical assay workflow but can be customized to meet the needs of a specific laboratory.

Software Configurations
xPONENT software is available with three levels of accessibility.

The basic xPONENT software package allows the user to acquire samples, perform analysis, and run system maintenance routines and remote web monitoring. This package includes the ability to calculate allelic ratios to analyze and/or normalize genotyping data.

The secure xPONENT package includes all the basic functionality, plus allows an administrator to set up user access levels.

21 CFR Part 11
For laboratories working under the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 regulations, xPONENT offers multilevel user management, full audit trail, electronic records and electronic signatures.

In addition to the access levels listed above, there are two additional licensable modules that add specific functions:

Automation Connectivity
The automation module along with a device driver enables communication between the reader and a front end automation platform. Luminex device drivers are offered by many automation providers. For more information on available drivers please contact Luminex Technical Support.

LIS Connectivity
This module allows communication with an external Laboratory Information System (LIS) database by allowing the export of patient result data and the import of patient sample information in ASTM format. Connection to your LIS system may require the use of middleware. For more information on middleware solutions please contact Luminex Technical Support.

Ordering Information

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EMD Millipore Corporation
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Luminex Partners List


Product Description Luminex Part Number List Price USD Description
Order Information Versatile multiplexing platform
FLEXMAP 3D Calibration Kit   Order Information xMAP® Calibrators for MagPlex® and MicroPlex® Classification Channels and Calibrator for Reporter Channel
FLEXMAP 3D Performance Verification Kit   Order Information xMAP Verification Reagents to Verify Calibration of MagPlex and MicroPlex Classification Channels and Reporter Channel
Sheath Fluid 40-75680 Order Information Sheath Concentrate Pack
  40-50000 Order Information 20 L Sheath Fluid
Sample Probe Needle CN-0221-01 Call for price Stainless steel sampling needle for use with the FLEXMAP 3D system
Sample Probe Height Adjustment Kit CN-0263-01 Call for price Probe height adjustment tools for use with the FLEXMAP 3D system
FLEXMAP 3D Off-Plate Reagent Block CN-0225-01 Call for price Calibration, Performance Verification and Maintenance plate for performance testing of the FLEXMAP 3D system
Heater Block, 96-Well Microtiter Plate CN-0224-01 Call for price Anodized aluminum heating block compatible with 96-well V-bottom plates for use on the FLEXMAP 3D system
Heater Block, 384-Well Microtiter Plate CN-0223-01 Call for price Anodized aluminum heating block compatible with 384-well V-bottom plates for use on the FLEXMAP 3D system
Bar Code Scanner CN-PC03-01 Call for price Handheld USB Bar Code Scanner for use with the FLEXMAP 3D instrument
FLEXMAP 3D Swivel Base CN-0216-01 Call for price Optional swivel base that allows the user to rotate the instrument for ease of maintenance. Swivel base is commonly used when integrating to front-end liquid handlers.
Syringe, 500 mL with Seal CN-0013-01 Call for price Replacement syringe assembly for the FLEXMAP3D system
Syringe seal, (qty 4) CN-0014-01 Call for price Replacement seals for FLEXMAP 3D 500 mL syringe
6-Month High Throughput PM Kit CN-0215-01 Call for price Preventive maintenance kit for high throughput applications. Includes HEPA air filter and 500 mL syringe seal
Fuse (6 AMP) CN-0226-01 Call for price Replacement fuse located inside the power module.
Cable USB (A to B) CN-0227-01 Call for price Communications cable between FLEXMAP 3D instrument and PC.
Air Filter HEPA CN-0228-01 Call for price Replacement high efficiency air filter located behind the panel on the left side of the fluidics bay.
Air Filter, XY Platform CN-0229-01 Call for price Replacement air filter located on the front panel of the XY module
Air Filter: Access Door CN-0222-01 Call for price Replacement front door ventilation filters


Document Language Type Download
Manuals and MSDS
FLEXMAP 3D Hardware User Manual - RUO English pdf pdfImg download
xPONENT 4.2 for FLEXMAP 3D Software User Manual - RUO English pdf pdfImg download
xPONENT 4.2 for FLEXMAP 3D Software Quick Guide - RUO English pdf pdfImg download
Data Sheets and Brochures      
FLEXMAP 3D Brochure English pdf pdfImg download
Luminex Instrument Comparison English pdf pdfImg download
xMAP Technology Analyte Menu English pdf pdfImg download
xMAP Technical Sheet English pdf pdfImg download

FLEXMAP 3D Training Courses

At Luminex Learning, we offer online, live online, and classroom training options. To view a list of our course offerings, or to enroll in a course, please visit our training page.

Support Information

Luminex offers comprehensive technical support enabling companies and laboratories to perform bioassays quickly, accurately, and cost effectively while optimizing the customer experience with Luminex systems.

How To Videos

General Routines  
Running the System Initialization Routine in the FLEXMAP 3D xPONENT Software Version 4.2 7:09 minutes
Creating a Protocol: Standards & Controls Using xPONENT 4.2 for FLEXMAP 3D 4:06 minutes
Creating a Batch from an Existing Protocol Using xPONENT 4.2 for FLEXMAP 3D 4:14 minutes
Using the Probe Height Adjustment Tool for 384 Well Plates on the FLEXMAP 3D 5:25 minutes
Shutdown the Analyzer in xPONENT for FLEXMAP 3D Software Version 4.2 3:34 minutes
Following the Maintenance Schedule for FLEXMAP 3D 3:58 minutes
Clean the Sample Probe 4:10 minutes
Replacing the Teflon Syringe Seal on the FLEXMAP 3D 6:02 minutes
Replacing the HEPA Filter on the FLEXMAP 3D 4:01 minutes
Removing and Replacing the Ventilation Filters on the FLEXMAP 3D 5:00 minutes
Replacing the Sheath Fluid Filter on the FLEXMAP 3D 4:05 minutes
Replacing the Fuses on the FLEXMAP 3D 4:09 minutes
Run a Clog Removal Routine with xPONENT for FLEXMAP 3D Software Version 4.2 2:58 minutes


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PC Warranty Transfer Information

Dell provides a limited warranty with PCs shipped from Luminex. Upon receipt of the Dell PC that is associated with your Luminex System, please complete the warranty transfer process. This will ensure the newly acquired PC is in your name and that you will receive technical support from Dell for the remainder of your warranty period. Required Items: Service Tag Number and Express Service Code (ESC) – located directly on the Dell PC.