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Assay Development Tools

Building your own custom assay on the Luminex platform is a simple, easy process. Purchase microsphere reagents from Luminex, supply oligos or proteins to coat the microspheres and follow our simple protocols below to allow multiplexing of almost any assay needed by your lab. If you need more information after reviewing the content below, please contact Technical Support so we can help you get off to a great start.


Luminex has extensive experience supporting end-users in developing custom assays on the Luminex platform. The resources listed below include protocols for coupling microspheres, guidance for designing assays, troubleshooting tips, suggested reagent and consumable sources, an extensive bibliography, and technical tips. In addition, we have skilled assay developers standing by in our Technical Support group who can assist you in your assay design. Luminex also offers a variety of online and instructor led training options customized to fit the needs of the audience. Training can range from software/hardware instruction all the way to assay design and troubleshooting.


Uncoupled Microspheres
These microsphere products have carboxylated surfaces and are ready for EDC-mediated coupling of proteins or amine modified oligos. They can be built into custom Immunoassays or DNA hybridization assays. Other more unique assay formats have also been built on the microspheres. Please review our extensive bibliography to learn more about the diversity of the Luminex platform.

Coupled Microspheres
These microsphere products are already coupled to oligos or protein to save time for end-users. Be sure to read more about the details of each product and learn about the benefits of the xTAG proprietary library for nucleic acid applications or the LumAvidin coated microspheres for peptide and protein immunoassays.

Reagent Kits
These general purpose reagent products are designed to facilitate custom assay development.

Instrument Reagents

Custom Assay Services

For customers new to the technology or who desire more advanced guidance, Luminex offers several customized training and assay design or testing alternatives. We also partner with several companies who can build and manufacture custom assays through our Custom Assay Developers program.