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Multiplex Solutions For Proteins and Nucleic Acids

Luminex offers a full range of instruments designed to meet all all your multiplexing needs. Learn more about our complete family of multiplexing solutions and discover how Luminex can help you optimize your research capabilities.

MAGPIX®Luminex 100/200™FLEXMAP 3D®
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The MAGPIX system performs up to 50 tests with a single reaction volume and supports single and multiplex assay analysis.

The Luminex 100/200 system is designed to meet the multiplexing needs of clinical and research laboratory professionals.

The FLEXMAP 3D system provides multiplexing of up to 500 analytes per reaction volume.


Luminex has identified key assay development opportunities as a response to the market demand for multiplexed solutions in emerging bioassay applications, providing effective solutions to Luminex customers and partners.

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Reagents & Accessories

xMAP® Technology-based reagents are designed for flexible and sensitive detection and quantification of bead-bound assay components. Luminex creates addressable microsphere sets calibrated to assure consistent performance, and optimized for individual reactions so you can assay up to 50 distinct analytes in a well on the MAGPIX® system, up to 100 on the Luminex 100/200™ system, or 500 on the FLEXMAP 3D® system.

xMAP reagents begin with the same microspheres, which are then dyed with a combination of dyes at different concentrations that Luminex instruments can detect and decipher giving you the power to multiplex up to 500 analytes with only one sample.

Reagents & Accessories
 xMAP Antibody Coupling Kit
 MagPlex® Microspheres
 MicroPlex® Microspheres
 MagPlex®-TAG Microspheres
 SeroMAP™ Microspheres
 LumAvidin® Microspheres
 Instrument Reagents
 Magnetic Separators

Reagents Beads


xPONENT Software

xPONENT is a modular, flexible, software package for control of the Luminex 100/200™, MAGPIX® and FLEXMAP 3D® systems. Designed for ease-of-use, the software allows the novice or occasional user and advanced user alike, to set up and run an assay in a minimal amount of time.

xPONENT Screens Overview

xPONENT delivers easy-to-follow navigation tabs and simplified workflow along with automation of routine operations that reduce system hands-on-time.

Replacement Parts

The Luminex Replacement Parts Database includes original Luminex equipment and refurbished parts and tools for Luminex 100/200™, Luminex XYP, Luminex SD, FLEXMAP 3D® and MAGPIX®.

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