Certified Developers

This program is designed for Luminex Partners who are pursuing outsourced high quality assay development as a way to expand their assay menu. Luminex facilitates this by evaluating and certifying potential xMAP® assay developers against a set of specific, quality-driven criteria.

Benefits of customers using a Certified Developer for service needs include:

  • Strategic partners can choose to complement their assay menu with high-quality assays developed by Certified Developers.
  • Certified Developers are approved by Luminex based upon quality initiatives, service history and technical expertise, as well as participation in Luminex assay development training courses. 

Radix Biosolutions Logo

Radix BioSolutions, Ltd.
111 Cooperative Way, Suite 120
Georgetown, Texas 78626
Phone: (512) 869-8000
Contact: Kerry Oliver, Ph.D.

Company Information
Radix BioSolutions develops and produces customized assay products for research and drug discovery. Headquartered in the Central Texas technology corridor, the company boasts more than 39 years of combined experience working with xMAP® Technology.

Certified Developer Assay Development
Radix BioSolutions specializes in developing custom assays and custom-modified bead chemistries. Common assay formats developed at Radix include Direct and Competitive DNA Hybridization Assays, Capture Sandwich Immunoassays, Competitive Immunoassays, Serological Immunoassays, and Enzyme Activity Detection Assays. In addition, Radix BioSolutions has developed a number of alternatively functionalized microsphere products. These modified microspheres enable end users to rapidly conjugate a range of biological molecules to xMAP microspheres. Radix’s expertise in these various assay formats and conjugation techniques allow them to help their customers choose the most appropriate format for each specific project.

Custom Assay Development Process
Radix BioSolutions' assay development services are modular in design. These modules can include different coupling chemistries, reagent definition, sample matrix optimization, multiplexing optimization, as well as others. Following initial discussions with their customer, Radix scientists design a custom process focused on the specific needs and scope of the project. This modular approach provides customers with a cost effective, comprehensive and accelerated development project.

Affymetrix Logo

6519 Dumbarton Circle
Fremont, CA 94555
Phone: (510) 818-2600
Fax: (510) 818-2610

Company Information
Panomics, now part of Affymetrix, is still focused on delivering innovative solutions for Parallel Quantitative Biology or PQB. What is PQB? Affymetrix defines PQB as contextual, systems-level measurements of genes, proteins and their cellular functions. PQB will facilitate understanding of biological pathways and networks in the context of normal physiology and development, disease pathology and drug treatment.

Products and Services
Affymetrix offers a wide range of Luminex xMAP-based assays for areas of research that include quantitative gene expression, cell signaling, RNAi-mediated gene silencing, clinical biomarker discovery, predictive toxicology and transcriptional regulation 

Origene Logo

OriGene Technologies
9620 Medical Center Drive
Suite 200
Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: (888) 267-4436

Company Information
OriGene Technologies’ vision is to prepare comprehensive, genome wide research tools and technology platforms to enable scientists to study complete biological pathways, thus enabling a better understanding of disease mechanisms including cancer and stem cell research. OriGene Technologies uses high-throughput, genome wide approach to develop products for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic research. OriGene's flagship product is the cDNA clone collection, a searchable gene bank of over 30,000 human full-length TrueClone cDNA collection and over 25,000 TrueORF cDNA clones. From TrueORF cDNA clones, OriGene has developed the largest offering of full length human proteins. In addition, OriGene offers unique gene expression products such as TissueScan cancer qPCR arrays for biomarker discovery and validation. In October 2009, OriGene acquired Marligen Biosciences, Inc., and now offers nucleic acid purification products and Luminex multiplex detection assays for protein and nucleic acid detection.

Product and Services
OriGene’s goal is to leverage its genome wide protein and antibody portfolio to build the most comprehensive multiplex protein detection assays on xMAP platform. Right now OriGene offers a Luminex immunoassay development service. In addition, the company has built a leading product portfolio for nucleic acid detection, including genome wide microRNA assays, multiplex assays for the detection and quantitation of activated transcription factors, and products and services for SNP genotyping.

*Please email Luminex at [email protected] or for an updated list of Certified Developers.