Become a Certified Developer With Luminex

Discover the benefits of partnering with the market leader in multiplexing through our unique Certified Developer Program.  Obtaining an applicable license, is required prior to becoming a Certified Developer.

Luminex Certified Developer Program: How to Become a MemberCertified Developer Logo
Membership in the Certified Developer Program is granted to companies that are licensed by Luminex to develop assays on Luminex’s xMAP® Technology. Certification means a developer has met stringent requirements and standards for design and service, is thoroughly trained and has a comprehensive understanding of Luminex’s xMAP Technology.

Membership benefits include:

  • Leverage your company’s assay development expertise as a basis for additional growth.
  • Gain access to a wide network of partners seeking high-quality assay development.
  • Receive tools and support designed to assist Certified Developers.
  • Market recognition - you will be granted permission to use the Certified Developer logo and promote yourself as a Luminex Certified Developer.
  • Web presence - You will be given a special listing on the Luminex website that highlights your services and areas of expertise.
  • Technical training - We provide a variety of assay development courses to ensure that you have the optimal level of expertise with Luminex’s xMAP Technology.

Membership Process
For more information, please complete and email the Certified Developer Inquiry Form to [email protected] or contact Luminex at 512-219-8020. Your registration information will remain strictly confidential. Click here to view the Luminex privacy policy.

Luminex Certified Developer Program Disclaimer
Luminex makes no warranties or representation (express, implied, statutory or otherwise) with respect to any certified developer or product sold by a certified developer, including without limitation the specific performance or quality of any product, compliance of any certified developer or its products with any applicable laws or regulations, or whether a certified developer has properly registered its products with the United States Food and Drug Administration or other Federal, State, Local Regulatory Agencies or other foreign counterparts. Please contact a certified developer directly regarding its specific product offerings.